MailChimp user synchronization

An online email marketing solution to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results

The integration allows you to automatically add affiliates to your MailChimp mailing lists. It also keeps both applications up to date - if there is an email change, the other application is notified and updates records as well.

NOTE: This plugin does not create affiliates in Post Affiliate Pro (Network) based on the user details in your MailChimp mailing lists


Activate the plugin

The first step is to activate the plugin in merchant panel and then to configure it. In your merchant panel navigate to Configuration > Plugins > MailChimp user synchronization > Activate. There is a hint for each configuration field so you should have no problem to set it up.


Webhooks integration

Webhooks are essential for communication from MailChimp to Post Affiliate Pro - Post Affiliate Pro will be informed about subscriber detail changes.
To setup a correct webhook please navigate to each list (View button) you want to integrate and then to List Tools> Webhooks. There is a field for webhook URL - you have to enter the plugin URL:

Right after the URL, please add this text with your security key (any):
where XXXXXXXXXXX represents your security code. The result URL should look like this:

The same security code goes to plugin configuration.


How does the plugin work exactly?

By default, if no additional option is turned on in the plugin (so no checkbox is checked), then it ensures that a one-way synchronization is used:

  • if a user (present in both applications) is edited in MailChimp then the modification takes effect also in Post Affiliate Pro / Network  (PAP/PAN)

If you check in the 'add new affiliate' option, then the new affiliates will be added to your MailChimp mailing list AND a two-way synchronization is used as well:

  • if a user (present in both applications) is edited in PAP/PAN then the modification takes effect also in MailChimp

  • if a user (present in both applications) is edited in MailChimp then the modification takes effect also in PAP/PAN