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Tips and Guides, and For Newbies

What are the best resources for affiliate marketing?

Andrej Csizmadia

July 21, 2020
Last modified on August 12, 2022 at 3:00 pm

Affiliate marketing can be defined as the recommendation of products or services on various portals or websites. It is a popular form of self-employment, especially among freelancers working from home. Cooperation takes place between an advertiser, i.e. a seller or entrepreneur, and an affiliate, i.e. the person who is responsible for promoting products. Payments are usually results-based, and affiliate links that monitor sales help with measuring them.

You can’t truly learn affiliate marketing from websites or books alone. It also requires practice, however, having some theoretical knowledge will be a good start. In this article, we’ll provide you with information and pro tips, in the form of a list so you can bookmark this article and refer to it as needed.

How does an affiliate program work

Books about affiliate marketing

Let’s begin with a list of books that you should know about if you want to make it in affiliate marketing.


In this book, you will learn what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and its pros and cons. The author will help you find your niche in the market. This book is the “affiliate marketing 101” that every beginner should read.

  1. FROM NOTHING by Ian Pribyl

The author of this book shows you how to start with affiliate marketing but also dives deep about blogging, becoming an influencer, and setting up e-commerce stores. Ian explains that you can be successful despite initially investing less than $100. The book contains a lot of useful tips about how to succeed and stand out on the Internet, which is getting more and more saturated with content each day.


The author made sure that everyone can find something for themselves in this book, whether they are beginners or know the industry well already. Those who are just getting started can learn affiliate marketing from scratch, while professionals can support themselves with this book whenever problems arise. This is a great step by step book that can guide you throughout your entire career in affiliate marketing.

  1. PASSIVE INCOME by Jacob J.Moore

We can simply say that, in this book, the author teaches people how to make money. He shows how to make the most of affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, social media marketing, and blogging. Whether you’re a beginner or a master in affiliate marketing, Jacob Moore will teach you how to finetune your skills and improve sales.

  1. BECOME AN INFLUENCER by Chris Riley 

This book is not about being a star on social media. Rather, it teaches you how to improve your personal brand, which is very important when it comes to affiliate marketing. It also highlights and explains the best affiliate marketing strategies.

81% of the marketers and 84% of the publishers are already using affiliate marketing

Articles about affiliate marketing 

Since not everyone likes reading books, we’ve also compiled a list of shorter articles about affiliate marketing. Here you can find a long list filled with useful articles from 2018 (the list is continuously updated.)  Below, we’ve listed some noteworthy articles that were published in 2019 and 2020.

  1. Affiliate Marketing in 2020: Free Guide For Beginners 

In this article, the author explains what affiliate marketing is.  He explains all the concepts (such as merchants), and a step-by-step guide to starting an affiliate program. The text is written clearly without technical jargon, making it easier to understand for beginners.

  1. Youtube Affiliate Marketing: How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Monetize Your Videos

Thanks to this article, monetizing YouTube videos will no longer be a mystery for you. This article will guide you through all the secrets of affiliate marketing on YouTube. After reading, you will understand all the technical aspects of collaborations and what forms work best on YouTube. The article is full of useful tips and tricks that facilitate video affiliate marketing.

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

In this article, you will learn what affiliate marketing is through real-life examples and strategies. The author also explains how to make money from affiliate marketing and shows examples of some well-known affiliate networks in which you can get involved. 

  1. How to use Social Media for Affiliate Marketing in 2020

This article is filled with basic knowledge about affiliate marketing, and it explains what affiliate marketing means in 2020. It covers the most popular social media platforms and discusses what you should do, including what kind of content you should post, in order to be successful.

Which social media platform does you company use
  1. Affiliate marketing for beginners

This article is a step by step guide for beginners, which will help everyone who plans to start a career in affiliate marketing. It covers all of the fundamental issues and teaches you what to do to start making money. 

Webinars about affiliate marketing 

If you are a good listener, you can utilize webinars to learn all about affiliate marketing. It’s low effort, so why not listen to some of the webinars we’ve picked just for you?

  1. Sensible – The Power of Affiliate Marketing for Your Online Business

This webinar can be found on YouTube. It provides real-life examples of successful collaborations between marketers and merchants.  The author also talks about how you can motivate affiliates to continue working on promoting your products effectively. The webinar also discusses how to choose influencers and how to make deals with them.

  1. Impact – How Non-Traditional Partnerships are Changing the Face of Affiliate Marketing 

In this webinar, you’ll hear all about the secrets of successful partnerships in different types of affiliate programs. You’ll also learn about different approaches to non-traditional collaborations that you will face if your career is solely affiliate marketing.

  1. Sean Bagheri – Webinar Replay: Fastest Way to Start Affiliate Marketing

There are plenty of worthwhile webinar on YouTube. This one is one of them. Sean Bagheri discusses how to become a successful affiliate, and explains strategies to help you understand how the affiliate world works. Take a closer look at his channel, he has made plenty of valuable videos.

Groups about affiliate marketing 

On social media, there are many groups/pages connecting people who have different lifestyles, hobbies, and jobs. Of course, there are plenty of social media groups that focus on discussing the affiliate marketing industry as well. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a freelancer looking for a partner, it’s beneficial to be active in these groups. 

Take a closer at:

  1. Facebook
  • Affiliate Marketing – Worldwide
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery
  • Affiliate Marketing Ninjas
  • Network Affiliate Marketing WorldWide
  1. LinkedIn
  • Affiliate Marketing Group – Most Members in the Industry!
  • Affiliate & Marketing – Global
  • Affiliate Marketing – Affiliates, Merchants, Publishers and Program Managers
  • Performance and Affiliate Marketing

Podcasts about affiliate marketing 

What are the best resources for affiliate marketing?

Podcasts are gaining popularity at a very fast pace as they’re an excellent form of learning. Users are now able to share their knowledge, experiences, and views easier than ever before due to the myriad of podcast tools being shared worldwide. Below, we’ve recommended a few podcasts about affiliate marketing that you can listen to whenever and wherever you want.

  1. Affiliate Buzz

The Podcast’s authors, James and Arlene, are marketing experts. Thus, by listening to their podcast you’ll gain access to first-hand information from professionals. They discuss everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and teach you how to reach the largest audience possible.

  1. The Smart Passive Income 

This podcast presents many topics related to affiliate marketing. You will learn how to build trust among target audiences and how to use social media in affiliate marketing effectively. You will also hear about outsourcing and marketing automation. The author, Patt Flynn, is a practitioner, so you can rest assured that the knowledge provided in this podcast is legit.

  1. The Art of Paid Traffic

The purpose of this podcast is clear – to give listeners the best advice regarding marketing. The host, Rick Mulready, is an expert who will teach you a lot about different types of commercials. Rick often has co-hosts on his podcasts, so you can look forward to practical tips from other industry experts when you’re listening to his content.

  1. Marketing Secrets 

In each episode, Richard Brunson discusses various secrets straight from the marketing world. Of course, affiliate marketing is included. You will be surprised by how many new aspects of marketing you will discover.

  1. PNR: This Old Marketing

In every episode of this podcast, you will hear a few stories concerning affiliate marketing news. The authors are up to date on trending topics, so listening to this podcast can only benefit you. 

Interviews about affiliate marketing 

Listening to experts talk is only beneficial.  Below we present a few podcasts, one article, and a video that will definitely contribute to your affiliate marketing knowledge.

  1. Expert Interview with Geno Prussakov on Affiliate Marketing

Geno Prussakov is an affiliate marketing master and head of AM Navigator. In this article, he explains what affiliate marketing is. He advises how to make it worthwhile, and talks about the future of his company, which is growing dynamically year after year. 

  1. The Solopreneur Hour

This is another podcast, in which you can listen to some insightful interviews with many experts from a variety of industries (affiliate marketing included). The host, Michael O’Neal, helps people identify the skills they already have and shows them how to develop them to be useful in business.

  1. Entrepreneur on Fire 

This podcast was given the “Best of iTunes” award for its interview format, which gives listeners a daily dose of business knowledge. Yes, new podcasts are uploaded every day. Thanks to this, you can be sure to find what you are looking for. There are many business topics covered, so you can listen to wise people talking about affiliate marketing, and more. Expand your horizons!

  1. Online Marketing Made Easy

Hopefully, you like podcasts because here is another one. Amy Porterfield interviews experts from the industry to provide you with first-hand knowledge. She also talks from her own experience – she has worked in marketing for many years, so she knows the drill.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Best Practices: Interview With Paul Schroader 

You can watch this interview on YouTube. It is only 3 minutes long, but it’s filled with practical knowledge and tips about affiliate marketing. When you are listening to Paul Schroader, you can feel a professional vibe. He knows the industry inside out, and you can hear it clearly during this interview.

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