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Convention center

Top 15 affiliate marketing conferences of Latin America in 2022

Andrej Csizmadia

April 1, 2022
Last modified on September 6, 2022 at 5:13 pm

In this day and age, digital marketing is king. In order to get your brand out there, you need to engage potential customers through digital channels. There is no better way to do so than affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate marketing programs provide a level of flexibility that no other form of marketing can compete with. On top of this, it remains one of the cheapest forms of advertising, with a really low barrier to entry and low operational costs. This, in turn, allows merchants to invest in affiliate tracking software that allows for easy control and management of your programs and campaigns. These types of software facilitate a wide range of capabilities, from being able to collect crucial data to inform your decision-making, to the possibility of automating certain aspects of your campaigns. It is no surprise then that over 80% of brands run affiliate campaigns. This form of advertising can be customized in order to accomplish a wide range of goals. You can create programs that will increase brand awareness, generate sales, or create content that will improve your brand’s reputation; the possibilities are quite literally endless. The affiliate marketing industry keeps growing every year, with studies showing that affiliate marketing spending is expected to pass the 8 billion dollar mark in 2022. If you are new to this form of advertising, there is no better time to get started. If you already have some experience in it, then you definitely know what to expect. Whichever position you’re in, putting yourself out there, engaging with other people in the industry, and finding further opportunities for networking is the best thing you can do for your business.

How does commission work

Why attend an affiliate marketing conference?

As stated before, this year will see new records for the affiliate marketing industry. To put it in other words, it has never been bigger. This means that conferences this year will have a wide range of speakers with vast experience and attendees eager to engage with other potential professionals in order to maximize their marketing efforts. We have all heard the saying “your network is your net worth”. It may sound cheesy, but there is some truth in it. It is especially relevant for the digital marketing community. When you think about it, this industry requires collaboration from different sides in order to succeed. Merchants need their affiliates, and affiliates need their merchants. The potential for both parties to meet and learn together at these annual conferences should be self-explanatory, as each event could be a huge networking opportunity in the making. That being said, the intimate networking opportunities provided by these affiliate marketing events can be the deciding factor in your campaigns’ success. Any type of company can attend these events and build their affiliate marketing connections by getting in touch with plenty of affiliate marketing experts in a single digital conference. Affiliate marketing advances at a rapid pace, like any other digital industry, and attending conferences and summits is the easiest way to stay in the loop about the latest trends and practices.

Top 15 affiliate marketing conferences in Latin America

Luckily, you now see the potential of attending affiliate marketing conferences. If that is the case, here is a list of the top 15 conferences in Latin America.

1. MK Open – Congreso de Marketing Digital

MK Open - Congreso de Marketing Digital

MK Open is an event open to the public where the keys to digital transformation are explored through presentations, intimate networking, round tables, and unique workshops. It hosts an exhibition area with companies that exhibit their most innovative products and services for the Internet business sector. This affiliate marketing expo holds special focus on mobile marketing and social media.

2. Webcongress 2022

Webcongress 2022

Ecuador welcomes the new edition of WebCongress with an innovative experience. Thousands of professionals, companies and creators will gather in Quito for one of the most influential digital trends and new technologies events in South America. Digital marketing and social media marketing will be some of the main topics to be explored. Attending this conference offers all participants ample opportunities to learn about innovative trends and updates on the mobile industry. There are 2 full days of networking for any affiliate marketing company that joins this conference.

  • Date of the conference: March 30th and 31st
  • Conference location: Quito
  • Ticket prices: From $80 to $350
  • Top speakers: Anahí Sandoval from Meta (Facebook)
  • Sergio Gonzalez Cruz from TikTok
  • Rafael Obando from Hubpost
  • URL to registration: https://www.webcongress.com/ecuador#pricing

3. SEO Day

SEO day

SEO Day is an international SEO event that seeks to expand the dissemination of knowledge about organic positioning from SEO experts from more than 20 countries. Among many subjects, SEO and content marketing in specific will have special focus. This one-day event will provide digital marketers with the tools to create content that drives organic traffic to itself, making it essential for business leaders to attend. This event is organized by the SEO puntorojo agency, and has been holding annual conferences since 2015.

  • Date of the conference: April 27th
  • Conference location: Online
  • Ticket prices: Free
  • Top speakers: Victoria Olsina, SEO Consultant & Organic Visibility Strategist
  • MJ Cachón,Consultora SEO y Directora Laika
  • Alejandro Moñino Vidales, Manager SEO Latam Adidas
  • URL to registration: https://puntorojo.com/seoday/2022#tickets

4. Marketers Latam

Marketers latam

Marketers Latham, one of the largest marketing, communication and management congress in the region, finally returns to the offline format. Throughout the two days, more than 25 international speakers and 4 thematic axes with tools, trends, and specific content for the business world will be presented. With a specific focus in content marketing and data analysis, this is an excellent choice in events for anyone looking to improve their affiliate marketing campaigns. Needless to say that this provides huge opportunities for networking with some ofthe most relevant players in the digital marketing industry.

  • Date of the conference: May 5th and 6th
  • Conference location: Montevideo
  • Ticket prices: From $60 to $300 if purchased before April 7th
  • Top speakers: Prof. Philip Kotler, Author, Marketing Professor, Economist and Consultant
  • Vilma Núñez, CEO at Grupo Convierte Más
  • Alex Pentland, MIT professor
  • URL to registration: https://marketerslatam.com/marketers-2022-exterior/

5. ExpoPublicitas


Over 500 reputable brands present their marketing and advertising products and services at ExpoPublicitas every year. The expo has six specialized pavilions to provide an infinity of innovative, technological, sustainable products and services in an exhibition area of 16 thousand m2. For more than 20 years, these annual events have been at the forefront of marketing trends. People in the affiliate marketing industry will find particular value in their media marketing workshops, as well as marketing strategy development.

  • Date of the conference: May 25th to 27th
  • Conference location: Mexico City
  • Top speakers: Prof. Philip Kotler, Author, Marketing Professor, Economist and Consultant
  • Vilma Núñez, CEO at Grupo Convierte Más
  • Alex Pentland, MIT professor
  • URL to registration: https://expopublicitas.ahmreg.com/

6. Afiliados Brasil

Afiliados Brasil

In Afiliados Brasil, you will have the opportunity to learn everything you need to efficiently monetize your projects and take your digital efforts to the next level through educational talks, systematic opportunities for networking, and exhibits of affiliate marketing products and services. Afiliados Brasil is an excellent choice for key players of all marketing backgrounds. Held in Sao Paulo, this is the main affiliate marketing conference on the continent, making it by far the biggest affiliate marketing event in South America. This is a valuable opportunity for affiliate marketers, so any affiliate business in the marketing industry would be wise to attend. Learn new trends, meet affiliate marketing experts and find new business partners in Afiliados Brasil this year.

  • Date of the conference: May 26th to 28th
  • Conference location: Sao Paulo
  • Ticket prices: $140
  • Top speakers: Jon Benson, Digital Publisher LLC
  • Mike Filsaime, Groove Digital Brasil
  • John Mulry, E5 Agency
  • URL to registration: https://www.afiliadosbrasil.com.br/es/plans/

7. PropTech Latam Summit

PropTech Latam Summit

Proptech Latam Summit is the hub for affiliate marketing of the Real Estate ecosystem in Latin America, with players and leaders of the Real Estate industry leading the digital transformation. IOT, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain, AI, Fintech, Digital Marketing, Martech, VR, VA, and more are covered at this event. PropTech Latam Summit is particularly suitable for Real Estate companies running affiliate programs and their affiliates. This event offers two days of networking and gives participants access to hundreds of opportunities within the digital marketing community.

8. DigiMarCon Latam

DigiMarCon Latam

DigiMarCon is one of the biggest digital marketing events in Latin America, with thousands of professionals with affiliate marketing connections attending every year. DigiMarCon holds affiliate marketing events all over the world, making it an excellent choice for business developers, marketing professionals and affiliates.The agenda of DigiMarCon Latin America 2022 will help attendees improve their marketing efforts by focusing on customer loyalty, lead generation, sales, and better consumer engagement. All of these are key components of affiliate marketing campaigns, so missing this event is not an option for anyone looking to succeed in the affiliate world. Any type of company can benefit from attending this conference, and this year, the DigiMarCon Event is held online, so you can attend even if you can’t make it all the way to South America.

  • Date of the conference: July 7th and 8th
  • Conference location: Online
  • Ticket prices: $200 or $100 for early access
  • Top speakers: Nadia Tan, Meta (Facebook)
  • Lee Owens, Twitter
  • Paul Nesbitt, Twitch
  • URL to registration: https://digimarconlatam.com/register/

9. DigiTalks Expo

Digitalks expo

Digitalks Expo is one of the main business events of the digital economy and technology in the country. This event is designed to follow the benchmarks of the largest digital events in Europe, providing a unique and integrated experience for the world market. During the two-day conference in Sao Paulo, there will be a wide range of activities held in 12 auditoriums, and a business area with the major companies in the sector. This is a great opportunity for networking, and provides a place for key businesses to connect. The participation of the main experts in the national and international market settles this as an excellent choice for attendees looking for professional updates.

  • Date of the conference: August 24th and 25th
  • Conference location: Sao Paulo
  • Ticket prices: From $75 to $200
  • Top speakers: TBA
  • URL to registration: https://digitalks.com.br/expo/

10. América Digital 2022

america Digital 2022

America Digital looks to provide a space to explore the latest trends in tech and digital marketing. With more than 5000 attendees, 100 conferences and a wide range of speakers from more than 50 different countries, it is quite literally one of the largest summits in South America. This event brings technology providers, a wide range of speakers in marketing topics, and representatives from key businesses together. America Digital is one of the best networking events with over 2000 business meetings being held. Build and grow your affiliate networks in America Digital 2022.

  • Date of the conference: September 7th and 8th
  • Conference location: Santiago de Chile
  • Ticket prices: From $240 to $640
  • Top speakers: Victor Galicia, Head of marketing OpenPay MX & Latam
  • Alex Bravo, Senior Product Marketin Manager Retail SME & Twilio
  • Arturo Juarez, Sales Manager Itera
  • URL to registration: https://congreso.america-digital.com/comprar-entradas/

11. Advertising Week Latam

Designed with the purpose of uniting the marketing, media, technology and creative industries to drive change, AWLATAM will provide unparalleled content with skill-building presentations, inspirational keynotes and thought-provoking discussions. Affiliates and merchants alike will find great content in this summit, all while enjoying networking breaks with professional figures from key businesses in the digital marketing industry. Over the course of three days, this event offers many networking opportunities for anyone with a marketing background, including affiliate marketing experts and business developers.

  • Date of the conference: November 8th to 10th
  • Conference location: Mexico City
  • Ticket prices: Not available on website
  • Top speakers: Gabriela Loyola, Head of Sales, LATAM Twitch
  • Johanna Calic, Head of Creative Effectiveness SPLA @ Google
  • Yuri Mussoly, Head of Creative Lab LATAM TikTok
  • URL to registration: https://advertisingweek.com/events/

12. Social Media Day Argentina

Social Media Day Argentina

Social Media Day Argentina is the biggest social media marketing conference in Latin America. With its sole focus being social media marketing, it is easy to understand why it is a must-attend event for affiliate marketers and merchants. In its previous editions, SMday gathered some of the most important professionals from the social networking world. This is what makes it enticing for people in the affiliate marketing industry: being able to connect both with influencers and key experts working inside different social media platforms. Get ready to see the inner workings of social media marketing like never before.

  • Date of the conference: TBA
  • Conference location: Buenos Aires
  • Ticket prices: Not available on website
  • Top speakers: Mirna Bulic, TikTok Regional Partner Director
  • Maurice Jalfon, Infobae Social Media Director
  • Hernán Sampó, Viacom Digital Content Marketing
  • URL to registration: https://smday.com.ar/

13. RD Summit 2022

RD Summit

RD Summit is back and strong as usual, with some of the biggest professionals providing key information and insight into ecommerce and digital marketing. Affiliates marketers and affiliates merchants will see particular benefit on the conferences focused on social media marketing from expert speakers and entrepreneurs. RD Summit provides many networking opportunities that digital professionals and marketing experts can take advantage of to boost their business partnerships. It hosts a vast range of speakers to talk about marketing technology and trends for tech industry businesses. Technology providers and online marketers would find this an excellent choice of summits to attend.

  • Date of the conference: October 26th to 28th
  • Conference location: Florianópolis
  • Ticket prices: Free
  • Top speakers: Camila Renaux, Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Bia Granja co-founde & CCO youPIX
  • Joao Pedro Motta, Entrepenuer
  • URL to registration: https://rdhostel.com/play/

14. Content Marketing Meeting Latham y Caribe

Content Marketing Meeting Latam y Caribe

Content Marketing Meeting Latham y Caribe is the first event in Latin America & the Caribbean dedicated solely to content marketing, with conferences and workshops given by experts from around the world. This event builds a community of specialists and content creators who share the same vision about the future of marketing. With content marketing being one of the best forms of affiliate marketing, this particular summit will greatly benefit those affiliates and merchants attending. This conference is held online, and welcomes digital professionals, online brands, and other industry experts to give talks to a wide audience. There are plenty of affiliates who also attend, showing that this conference has good networking opportunities every everyone.

  • Date of the conference: TBA
  • Conference location: Online
  • Ticket prices: Not available on website
  • Top speakers: Adrian Singer, Community Manager en Waze
  • Jose Ignacio Apoj, Marketing Manager de Wix
  • Valerie Angelkos, Product Marketing for Google Duo & Google Meet
  • URL to registration: https://cmmlatamycaribe.com/entradas/

15. eCommerce Day Tour 2022

E commerce day tour 2022

Latin America’s largest digital commerce and internet business event tour, visiting 18 of the most gorgeous cities in the region, returns to a traditional offline event format.
Ecommerce Day Tour is a networking, business, dissemination, and training event aimed at professionalizing the management of online channels for companies and enterprises in Latin America.
Unlike all the previous events listed, this tour will showcase events in 18 different countries all throughout 2022. Click here to find out more about each specific summit.


Affiliate marketing is one of the leading industries in digital marketing these days. It is crucial for any business looking to succeed in ecommerce and the digital sphere. As a online marketing industry, it benefits greatly from conferences and summits that provide information and allow both merchants and affiliates to stay in the loop of the latest trends. Networking opportunities are a key factor in affiliate marketing, since meeting the right affiliates or merchants can make or break your affiliate program. With this list of events, you will find the perfect balance between conferences and networking events. Anyone in the affiliate world willing to attend to at least some of these valuable events is bound to find success.

Frequently asked questions

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing strategy that allows affiliates to promote campaigns and receive commissions in the form of passive income.

Is affiliate marketing the same as influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is one of the many forms of affiliate marketing, it rewards influencers for displaying marketing campaigns to their audience.

Is affiliate marketing suitable for any industry?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most versatile forms of digital marketing, which means that any industry can adjust their campaigns in order to maximize their affiliate marketing efforts.

Santiago Montaldo

Guest Post Author

Santiago Montaldo

Santiago is a copywriter that focuses on making approachable content to ease people into the world of affiliate marketing and all it entails.

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