How to make the most out of your affiliate marketing for Black Friday

Every e-commerce business should be prepared for Black Friday. As data indicates, customers are more likely to visit online stores and spend money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday than at any other time of the year. Why? Many of these people plan to buy Christmas gifts and novelty items they’ve been saving for, for … Read More

How to find affiliates and how many should you use to promote your business?

The affiliate marketing industry is worth $12 billion, with 81% of businesses using affiliate programs to increase their revenue. And with the growing popularity of internet reviews and recommendations, this number is only expected to grow. It’s hard to be surprised by the popularity of affiliate marketing when it’s beneficial for all parties involved. Merchants … Read More

Affiliate marketing from scratch: 7 aspects to identify before you press “Go”

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways for individuals and businesses (whose marketing budgets aren’t flexible) to generate income. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that affiliate marketing programs are becoming increasingly more popular, even amongst those who haven’t been interested in the topic previously. It’s relatively easy to build your … Read More

Five things to research before creating your affiliate marketing campaign

Are you hoping to earn a passive income by running an affiliate marketing campaign? Find out what things you need to know before jumping onto the affiliate marketing bandwagon.

How to effectively integrate content marketing with affiliate marketing

15% of e-commerce revenue comes from affiliate marketing. This contributes not only to an increase of interest in it, but also to the need for high-quality use of its tools. Therefore, we decided to talk about the cornerstone of affiliate marketing – content. Many people create it. However, it becomes truly effective only after careful … Read More

How to launch an affiliate email marketing campaign

Using emails for affiliate marketing can effectively push the audience to make a purchase. Here’s how to launch a successful affiliate email campaign.

Affiliate payments 101

Affiliate marketing can be a profitable solution, especially if you choose the right marketers to promote your products. Given that both parties benefit from affiliate marketing, you must choose a payout method that is convenient for both your marketers and yourself. If you want to get familiar with different types of affiliate billing methods and … Read More

A guide to different types of affiliate tracking

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get more publicity for your business. Successful affiliates can promote your brand and help increase your sales, but you need to keep an eye on their work. How can you do so? With affiliate tracking software, of course! How does affiliate tracking work? Depending on the software or … Read More

How do you motivate affiliates?

Keeping employees motivated isn’t always easy.  But how about affiliates? They’re your partners in an affiliate network, rather than your employees, yet, they still work for you. So what should you do, and what should you not do, when cooperating with such unique “employees” as affiliates? And how can you keep them motivated so that … Read More

How can small businesses leverage affiliate marketing?

As a small business owner, you will need to ensure you have a steady growth in sales. How? By building strong bonds with loyal customers and acquiring new customers by entering new markets. To do so, you need to present your products/services in a way that the customer will find interesting. You don’t have to … Read More

What are the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing?

As an affiliate marketer, your goal is to promote products in a way that makes consumers want to buy them. To do that, you need to fit into your niche well.

7 Landing Page Best Practices to Increase Affiliate Sales

Planning to engage in affiliate marketing but don’t know how to get started? Don’t worry! In this comprehensive guide, you will know everything about the landing page and affiliate marketing. Are you ready? Keep reading for more information!  What is a Landing Page? Known as a standalone web page, a landing page is tailored for … Read More

Ultimate Guide to a Successful B2B Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Small businesses, in particular, have a hard time making a mark in industries that are dominated by big corporations that have money to spend on everything from billboards to a marketing team.  For this very reason, having a solid B2B affiliate marketing strategy can be an affordable way to take those first few steps of … Read More

4 Segmentation Strategies to Boost your Affiliate Marketing Program

A common misconception of affiliate marketing programs is that if you build it, they will come. What many product creators neglect to consider is that marketing your affiliate program is half the battle. If you don’t have a strong strategy to recruit the right affiliate sellers, your products will end up gathering dust on the … Read More

How to Use Paid Traffic Channels in Affiliate Marketing

In this post we will try to help you understand a series of concepts to make the most of your affiliate marketing in your business. What are paid traffic channels, what is affiliate marketing, and how do you combine them to boost your sales and goals? Read on! Introduction What is paid traffic Paid Traffic … Read More

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