How to write an excellent affiliate marketing blog post: 5 tips and tricks

Writing a blog post centered around a topic you are interested in has never been easier. Approximately 600 million of the 1.7 billion websites that currently exist are blogs. The majority of these blogs are on the microblogging platform Tumblr (488 million blogs) and WordPress (60 million blogs). Moreover, over 31 million active bloggers in … Read More

4 smart ideas for passive income during the Coronavirus pandemic

Is there any area of our lives that the pandemic hasn’t had an impact on? Besides forcing people to turn to remote work and avoid social contact, COVID-19 also made many of us worried about our finances. Even if your current job position wasn’t affected by COVID-19, you have probably thought about getting a side … Read More

The 6 best promotional materials for your affiliates

Your affiliate program’s success depends on a variety of aspects: your products, your affiliates, and their skills. The program’s performance also depends on the type of promotional materials your affiliates have at their disposal. While affiliates usually know what sort of topic-related content their audience likes, creating quality materials to promote your products can be … Read More

Top booming affiliate niches of 2021

Affiliate marketing can be a very profitable business or side hustle if done right. Apart from having all the basics of affiliate marketing down, such as having an active blog, SEO optimization, and an engaged audience, it’s essential to hone in on the right niche that will generate your revenue. But how should you pick … Read More

SaaS affiliate program challenges – the 4 biggest problems and how to solve them

Interest in affiliate marketing is growing. In fact, the keyword “affiliate marketing” is searched online approximately 50,000 times every month in the USA alone. According to research by Statista, businesses in the USA are expected to spend $8.2 billion on affiliate marketing by the year 2022. So why is affiliate marketing so popular? Because it … Read More

How can you create affiliate marketing content that sells?

Affiliate marketing is booming. If done right, it can help companies reach new customers who are interested in their products or services. By offering the content their target audience needs/wants at the right moment, companies can boost their reputation and revenue for almost no cost. Affiliate marketers benefit as well. They receive a commission every … Read More

Pay-by-sale commission vs ongoing commission – which one is the best for your affiliate program?

Figuring out a commission rate for your affiliate program can be a tricky matter. How much should you pay your affiliates and which payment structure should you pick, pay-by-sale commission or ongoing commission? One of the most important decisions you will have to make at the start of your program is to decide how you … Read More

How to promote affiliate program with email marketing efforts

With over four billion email users worldwide, it’s a no-brainer that email marketing, despite many other communication channels, keeps its positions stable. Moreover, it is expected to experience significant growth in the upcoming years, making emails alive as never before. People from different industries are utilizing email campaigns to promote their brands, grow their customer … Read More

7 Strategies for Generating More Affiliates

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is considered as one of the most lucrative business industries. Lots of businesses have started their affiliate marketing business and succeeded so far. Did you know that business investment into affiliate marketing will hit $8.2 billion in the USA only by 2022? What a challenging forecast, isn’t it? So, how to start … Read More

5 of the most common affiliate program challenges

Affiliate marketing is growing in popularity thanks to the various benefits it can offer. But besides the advantages, there’s also a couple of affiliate program challenges you should be aware of. So what are they? Read on to find out! Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing sectors. The number of search results for … Read More

6 reasons to use a third-party affiliate management system

Are you thinking about getting a third-party affiliate management system but aren’t sure it’s worthwhile? Read on to find out how you can benefit from using it in any industry or company type. Affiliate marketing is booming. 81% of companies from virtually all industries are already running affiliate programs (from retailers such as Amazon, through … Read More

How to Use Customer Success Data for Your Affiliate Campaign

Creating an affiliate campaign can be a powerful marketing strategy to accelerate the growth of a SaaS business. However, many companies don’t implement it right, which is why they find very little success.  Instead of treating this as just another marketing tactic, you can look at it as an extension of your overall Customer Success … Read More

Affiliate marketing is partner marketing – you just don’t know it

The words “affiliate” and “partner” are often used interchangeably, but there are differences between regular affiliates and affiliate partners. What are they? Read on to find out. What do you think about when hearing the term “affiliate marketing”? It may remind you of shady websites offering miraculous health supplements or other similar products. But many … Read More

How to write a killer affiliate marketing review for your blog

Access to the internet has drastically changed how people make decisions about buying products and visiting places. 93% of consumers read reviews before purchasing a product, using a service, or traveling somewhere, and 56% read at least four reviews before making a purchase. Whether they are looking for a new mobile phone, takeaway restaurant, or … Read More

3 Tips for Using Google Analytics 4 To Track Affiliate Sales

The arrival of Google Analytics 4 has brought with it an unprecedented level of data-driven insights that look to make the most of machine learning technology. But can the ever-advancing platform deliver comprehensive insights into affiliate sales?

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