Refersion alternative? We got your back. What makes Post Affiliate Pro a better alternative?

We want to help you decide which alternative is better as your go to affiliate software. Let's get started!

Post Affiliate Pro

What do you need from a great affiliate software?

Reliability, ease of use, great price? Sure but it’s not just about those things. A great affiliate software needs more than that to become truly great. Great software needs to evolve to keep up with modern trends and it needs to be backed up by a team made up of experienced people. 

At Quality Unit we are a family made up of experts in our fields and working constantly to make our products better. Post Affiliate Pro is our promise of that. 

Refersion alternative
Refersion alternative

But let’s get to the technical stuff… 

Affiliate marketing is growing each day, you and your business have to make money, handle all of your affiliates, pay the commissions… you get the idea. With how quickly a successful business can generate new affiliates (and finances) you need an alternative to the traditional way of working. If you’re in that position, you need a good piece of software to help you handle everything (because let’s face it… you’re not a robot and you’re entitled to be more efficient).

Post Affiliate Pro lets you handle all of this, without the fluff and without complications. You learn how to use it once and you’re ready to go, nothing’s stopping you. 


What about pricing?

A free solution might be great in some cases and for some business ventures. But affiliate marketing can be handled easily without software when you’re starting out your business. Once you gain some affiliates, you definitely want to invest some of your income into a good software solution as an alternative. 

No one wants to overpay for products and we understand that. That’s why Post Affiliate Pro offers three fair paid plans. You can choose the one that fits your business the best. But first, try it out for free for 14 days to get a feeling of it and see everything for yourself. 


Refersion alternative

What our customers say

  • karen-peterson

    Karen Peterson

    Simply Fun Families

    These folks offer 24/7 live chat with very skilled technicians as well as phone support for when I just cannot easily explain my questions in a written format.

  • brian-greenberg

    Brian Greenberg

    True Blue Life Insurance

    I looked and tried several affiliate software services and Post Affiliate Pro has the most options to create a great partner program. I was able to setup several actions at different payment amounts to pay affiliates for completing specific goals on our website.

  • rick-slot

    Rick Slot


    For the longest time there have been two cases of exceptional B2B assistance in my professional career and I am pleased to say that Post Affiliate Pro has made the list with both, their software and their support. Post Affiliate Pro seems to have a model which can be called a mission or a vision and they stick to it.

  • chris-mastergeorge

    Chris Mastergeorge

    Lindi Skin

    I was very impressed with the skills and determination of Martin Pullman on your support team. He managed to work through some difficult install issues for us and did not quit until everything was resolved.

  • asle-skarpengland

    Asle Skarpengland


    We have been using Quality Unit's Post Affiliate Pro, Post Affiliate Network and Live Agent for many years. These products have helped us build our business, simply because they are so reliable and flexible. We can even support customers in several countries and languages.

  • eli-pedelty

    Eli Pedelty

    Law of attraction singles

    Quality Unit has one of the most helpful and knowledgeable support teams on the Internet today. In my 4 years of full-time online marketing I have only come across a few online businesses where I felt the online support was 100% dedicated to my success with their products.

  • simon-renstrom

    Simon Renstrom


    We're happy with having a professional solution for managing affiliates and payouts. We're especially impressed with the technical support that is always exceptional.

  • iris-mack

    Iris Mack


    The customer support team is extremely helpful and responds to our questions in a very timely manner. The MathQED team is really excited about using the Post Affiliate Pro tracking software to grow the MathQED Affiliate Program!

  • Andrei Knight

    Andrei Knight

    FxKnight Trading Academy

    I cannot say enough good things about this product and this team. A fantastic "getting started" check-list takes you through all the steps, and a "live chat" button is just a click away in case you need help along the way.

  • Henk-Jan Bergevoet

    Henk-Jan Bergevoet


    We've been using Post Affiliate Pro for many years, starting with PAP version 3 and now using PAP version 4, and can honestly say it's been a pleasure working with the team. Their support is excellent and the additional add-ons and features provided within their program were clearly developed by people who understand what you really require.

Let's compare! Post Affiliate Pro vs Refersion comparison

Refersion alternative

Cloud Pricing and Plans

Start with a 14-Day Free Trial. Upgrade & pay as you go. No contracts. No setup fee. Cancel any time.

    • Advanced Affiliate Features
    • Full Setup + Website Integration
    • Rock-Solid Tracking
    • Ideal for SMB/Startups
    • Unlimited Affiliates
    • 1M Tracking Requests/Month
    • Support 365 Days a Year
    • Free Lifetime Updates
    • Full-Scale Affiliate Management
    • Premium Setup + Website Integration
    • Unlimited Affiliates
    • 5M Tracking Requests/Month
    • High Traffic Ready
    • Multiple Administrators
    • SEO Friendly
    • Support 365 Days a Year
    • Free Lifetime Updates
    • Out of the Box Affiliate Network Software
    • Unlimited Affiliates
    • Unlimited Merchants
    • 20M Tracking Requests/Month
    • Support 365 Days a Year
    • Onboarding Consultation Service
    • Free Lifetime Updates

Compare Plans

See Post Affiliate Pro comparison of plans below and select the best one for you.

Tracking Requests per Month 1,000,000 / Month 5,000,000 / Month 20,000,000 / Month
Additional Requests $1 / per 10k Requests $.4 / per 10k Requests $.2 / per 10k Requests
Full-featured Affiliate Software
Flash Cookie Tracking
Extendable with Plugins
Support (Lifetime) mail, chat, forum, knowledge base mail, chat, forum, knowledge base mail, chat, forum, knowledge base
Per Click, Per Sale Commissions
High Performance Impression Tracker
Multiple Currencies
Lightbox Banner
CPM Commissions
Action Commissions
Private Campaigns
Commission Groups
Page Peel Banner
Banner Rotator
Auto-Registering Affiliates
Full Integration
Coupons (Offline Marketing)
Banner Categories
Campaign Categories
Payout Fields Encryption
Custom Domain Parking
EU/US Data Center
Affiliate Sale Tracking Codes
Recurring Commissions
Performance Rewards
Multiple Administrators
Forced Matrix
Site Replication
Split Commissions
Rebrand PDF
Automatic Affiliate Removal
Campaign Scheduler
Compressed Commission Placement Model
Lifetime Referrals Manager
Zip Banner
Multiple Merchants
Merchant Signup Page
Network Account Prepaid
Audit Log +$17/month +$17/month
Smartlinks +$19/month +$19/month
Branding Free Option +$27/month
Email Templates Customization +$199 one time fee

And Chose Your Plan Later

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