• We chose to use Post Affiliate Pro as our affiliate software, for tracking leads, registrations and sales commissions. Getting started was easy, and the support team was extremely helpful and responsive to our questions as we fine tuned our setup and testing of our campaigns prior to launching. The software provides all the functionality we were looking for, but the support we had during the setup was really what helped us make this project a success.

    Drew Pettit, Fundraising

  • For the few times we've needed technical support for Post Affiliate Pro, those times have been critical to continuing our day-to-day business. Thanks to the A++ support and service of the staff and developers we've been able to overcome any issues very quickly.

    David Ferrell, Realeflow

  • We've switched from another affiliate software to PAP. Post Affiliate Pro is a much more advanced tool and it offers a lot more features than our previous tool. We're very happy with our decision to switch to PAP. The customer support of Quality Unit is by far the best support that I have received so far. I highly recommend PAP to anyone who wants a reliable affiliate software and exceptional customer service!

    Johannes Selbach, Seoprofiler

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I've been an affiliate in the online gaming industry for more than 15 years and have worked with literally dozens of affiliate programs. That also means I've had to learn about numerous affiliate software platforms to launch new campaigns. I always breathe a sigh of relief when an affiliate program is using Post Affiliate Pro.

The Post Affiliate Pro interface is intuitive and, working with a number of different affiliate programs, it helps me be more efficient to set up my promotions when I'm already familiar with the interface. Quick stat reports get me in and out of the affiliate backend as quickly as possible. I also appreciate the number of conversion-focused banner options such as peel banners and lightboxes. These are usually premium features that require plugins or other custom features. Post Affiliate Pro builds them right into the affiliate software.

I also really appreciate the private campaign feature, which allows affiliate programs to soft-launch new brands to select affiliates or offer different types of campaigns to larger affiliates.

I would easily recommend Post Affiliate Pro to any new program looking to make life as easy as possible both for themselves and prospective affiliates.

Josh H., Beat The Fish

Many years ago I had to decide between only two Affiliate-Scripts available. I bought both, integrated them on a development server and tested out the features for over two months. At that time PAP was charged with 99 Dollars ... it was long ago. Checking the features I contacted the support of both companies and asked for features that would suit me: Getting Affiliate-Links in PDFs, so my affiliates can make commissions by sharing a pdf.

One of the companies answered "Sorry, we don´t have that feature", the other one answered "Ok, we like this Idea, but we will need about half a year to integrate it in our development-plan". Guess, which one was Quality Unit. And guess, which software I finally took. ;-)

Since then I had many "special-needs" for my Post Affiliate Network installation, and Quality Unit was always very open to my requests, but at the same time focused on transforming my feature-requests into valuable features for other customers. They never charged me anything for these developments while PAP and PAN did grow a lot. Try it out yourself... you will be amazed!

Julian Wolf, NLP Deutschland

Our experience working with Quality Unit has been second to none. After months of trying to decide whether we should just join an affiliate network, write our own in-house program or purchase software already created, we chose to purchase a downloadable version of Post Affiliate Pro.

I am so glad we made this decision. The setup on our server was a breeze and we saved thousands of dollars and man hours over the other options.

We pride our own software on being easily extendable and extensible, and have found out that PAP has the same methodology, making it very easy to setup and customize the software to do exactly what you want.

Bravo Quality Unit!

Scott Wilkerson, Nagios Monitoring Software

Quality Unit has one of the most helpful and knowledgeable support teams on the Internet today. In my 4 years of full-time online marketing I have only come across a few online businesses where I felt the online support was 100% dedicated to my success with their products. That short list of online businesses is Google Analytics, Microsoft AdCenter, and Quality Unit. 

Quality Unit’s support team helped me for 6 days straight to solve a coding problem that was directly related to my site. This particular problem was holding up the launch of my affiliate program, and even though the Post Affiliate Pro software that I purchased from Quality Unit worked perfectly, their support team took the time - each and every day for a week - to help me resolve the problem that was holding me back. 

In my experience, purchasing Post Affiliate Pro as our affiliate management software was the best decision I made in preparing and launching our affiliate program. As a certified affiliate manager, I would highly recommend choosing Post Affiliate Pro as the management software for anyone planning on launching a scalable, profitable affiliate program. Because you don’t just receive a top-tier management software...you also get around-the-clock, on-call support that makes the installation and use of that very software so easy.

Eli Pedelty, Law of attraction singles

I am a co-Founder of www.RTPR.com (Real Time Pain Relief).
We searched high and low and ultimately went with Post Affiliate Pro for our affiliate software and everyday we are more and more thankful that we made this choice.  The PAP software has been a joy to work with for us, our staff and our affiliates.  We regularly get comments from them that this is the best they have ever seen.

The setup was extremely quick and the functions and features are easy to use and very clear with detailed explanations.  It has given us and the affiliates the extra confidence we need that the transactions are being processed and tracked accurately.

I come from a history of having to get features and options custom programmed and usually, I know just enough programming to be dangerous, however, the PAP software was a breeze to setup and integrate. Many of our staff members with very limited knowledge of the web are able to perform functions that were previously piled onto the more technical people of our group.  

Post Affiliate Pro has significantly improved our productivity.  Plus, now we look deeper into the knowledge base of PAP when we come up with other things we want to do, track or provide our affiliates, and sure enough, you guys have already thought of it and added it in... so no more custom programming required for us to get the job done.

I also appreciate the support your team has provided.  They are very prompt, informative and courteous.

Thanks for providing such a robust option for the affiliate industry at a very affordable price... keep up the good work.  We have also integrated PAP into another company I am a partner in and will continue to use it as the only option to ensure our company's success.

Ron Snodgrass, Real Time Pain Relief

I have now been using the products of Quality Unit for a number of years, mainly "Posts Affiliate Pro" versions 3 and 4, and also their help desk. As a professional Webmaster who manages a number of websites I am familiar with a wide range of software products, and must say that the Quality Unit software has always been both far easier to install and upgrade than any other software products I have used.

However, more importantly, their level of ongoing support is nothing short of superb! If I have a problem I have a number of options to get a solution. I can use their live online help, their prompt e-mail support, and although I've never used it, even call them on the phone. They always manage to fix my problem promptly and with an exceptionally courteous smile. In my opinion they go way beyond what is expected. This is the way service should be and for that reason I would like to recommend their service to anyone who has use for their products.

Kevin Martyn

Optima capital group has utilized the Quality Unit's Post Affiliate Pro software for over a year now and we have had a very positive experience overall. 

The software capabilities are incredible and comprehensive. The ability to customize the applications have been a big plus for us.  I’m especially impressed and appreciative of the quality of support available readily through the live chat. Special kudos to Martin Pullmann and the other team support members who are responsive, attentive and patient in helping you get up and running. 

After extensive research and consideration of software that’s in the marketplace for affiliate programs, I’m pleased that we selected Quality Unit. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to establish a professional affiliate program. 

Tony Holden, Optima capital group

We switched to using Post Affiliate Pro in order to provide our affiliates with a professional and robust affiliate program.  There are so many great features, it’s difficult to say which ones we like the most, but it suffices to say that so far, we've been able to do everything we've ever wanted to do with the product. Best affiliate software, the product is very easy to use for our end-users, and to administer.  You don't find a robust piece of software that’s this easy to configure and use very often.

We needed to support free trials with our shopping cart and membership software. It was very straightforward to use the API’s to do what we needed, and the support we received was very helpful.

I highly recommend Post Affiliate Pro and Quality Unit to anyone who wants to “do it right the first time” with their affiliate program. 

Rick Braddy, WinningWare

We are using Post Affiliate Pro for more than a year now and we are extremely satisfied.

This software accurately tracks everything; all kinds of cookies, IP addresses and supports the great DirectLinks feature which is also excellent for SEO. The great features, add-ons and the ease of use make Post Affiliate Pro the best choice for every company interested in establishing its own affiliate program.

The most important thing for me as an affiliate program manager is the level of support and the respond time. I must say that I have never encountered customer support better than Quality Unit's. Whether I emailed them or used the live chat, they always respond very fast and do whatever it takes to solve any problem. When our web server has unexpectedly crashed, the guys at Quality Unit helped us move the software to a different server in the shortest possible time. I truly recommend working with Quality Unit knowing their customer support in simply immediate.

Meir Dahan, Sports Events 365

I just wanted to let you guys know how pleased I am with PAP. It is so customizable, I can create the exact feel I like for my affiliates and I have so many options. It is extremely flexible, and yet it has an easy to navigate interface and even I make it do what ever it is I want it to do. Thanks guys.

Ryan Higgins, Mindmovies

For quite a long time I was looking for a good and cheap solution to handle my affiliate program. And I found it!

PAP is a professional and so easy to use solution. And most importantly, as one of few applications it's localized to my national language. The list of features of this program is so large that sometimes you can feel lost, but it gives you great opportunities to develop your online business.

I recommend Post Affiliate Pro to all who wish to increase the passive income generated by their website.

Darek Malinowski, Single Relax

Just a quick note... We've been using PAP for a few months now and so far I have to say the system and especially the service from your customer support is VERY good. Every time I submit a ticket, I get a concise, helpful response very quickly.  Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work.

Christopher Campana, Sum Up

Hey Guys. I just got to send you a million thanks for your dedication and hard work that you have put into Post Affiliate Pro. Your application has taken my affiliate program to a whole new level.. a bit like sending my old car to the scrapyard and walking out with a brand new Rolls Royce.

The interface is fantastic and the support you gave me in setting it all up was amazing. And all the addons are just the cherries on top of a fabulous cake. Wow Wow Wow

I can now look forward to a more professional relationship with all of my affiliates who are each enlisted into a wide variety of campaigns. ( did I mention campaigns?... this is my favorite part of all as its incredibly brilliant how I can so easily add affiliates into their own campaigns whilst keeping all the other campaigns hidden to prevent confusion.)

Well it's on with the show... and here's raising a glass in celebration of a long and fruitful relationship with you at Post Affiliate Pro, and all my affiliates, helping me to fulfill my vision and my dreams for a better world for all of us.

A massive round of applause your way.

Karen Maskall, Pledging for change

We've been using Post Affiliate Pro for the last four years, starting with PAP version 3 and now using PAP version 4, and can honestly say it's been a pleasure working with the team. Their support is excellent and the additional add-ons and features provided within their program were clearly developed by people who understand what you really require to get the best from your affiliates.

The interface is extremely user-friendly and is a huge time-saver. The live tracking, reporting, and hassle free commission and payments offered by PAP all make it much easier to manage your affiliates in a cost effective and efficient way. In four years these guys have never let us down and we'd be happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a user-friendly and reliable affiliate software.

Nick Jones, Hexpress affiliates

I cannot say enough good things about this product and this team.  An intuitive interface combines the best parts of Windows and Mac OSX to make finding all the important features a breeze.  A fantastic "getting started" check-list takes you through all the steps, and a "live chat" button is just a click away in case you need help along the way.  The support is second-to-none, with rapid response time and answers which are genuinely helpful.  They even followed up to make sure our launch went okay and to find out whether they could be of further help. 

Wow - a firm with true 5-star service, like we strive for in our own firm.  Thank you.

Andrei Knight, FxKnight Trading Academy

Working with Quality Unit is a great pleasure, live support is excellent and they always try to help and find the best solutions for our needs. We are active in the Holiday homes rental sector and using Post Affiliate Pro as well as the live support software (LiveAgent), and it is absolutely great. An intelligent software that helps us to provide the best service to our partners and customers.

Thanks a lot for your excellent development.  

Henk-Jan Bergevoet, Azurselect

I have used different affiliate tools and networks for my businesses in the past, mostly as a publisher. When we decided to run our own affiliate program this time as a merchant, we found out that those tools lack some important features. Flapps is an online Time tracking application. What we as the software service provider needed was a recurring commission as a percentage of sales after the free trial. Sounds simple, but major tools we tried had only lead generation or one-time purchase commissions.

24/7 live support and a very reasonable monthly fee make Post Affiliate Pro a good choice even for smaller companies or start-ups. We are still too early users to see the real long term effects, but we're betting on affiliate marketing as one of the main marketing tool and source of new customers. 

Michael Williams, Flapps

I can't recommend Post Affiliate Pro more. On top of providing a quality platform.. their customer support is as good, if not better than any I've experienced. It's all about the support and it's all about customer service and these guys have it!... 24/7!!!

Mark Gendel, Llynda More Boots

I was very impressed with the skills and determination of Martin Pullman on your support team. He managed to work through some difficult install issues for us and did not quit until everything was resolved. I am very happy with the results.

Chris Mastergeorge, Lindi Skin

“Post Affiliate Pro” is a great product to make our worldwide “A2B” transfer services popular among our partners – transport companies, hotels, travelling agencies, internet portals, etc. As a reward for promoting a high level of services we offer, each partner earns commissions. That is only possible thanks to the amazing Post Affiliate Pro software.

“Quality Unit” as a company has an awesome support team! My problem was solved operatively and the result exceeded our expectations! The best support team I had contacted! Thank you all!

Anna Procvetova, A2bworld

Even before the installation Post Affiliate Pro convinced us with an excellent and fast support. We have finally decided to apply the “Downloadable Licenses” model. The required program was installed on our servers within minutes. From our experience, the setup and configuration options leave no wishes unfulfilled. In the unlikely case they do, the extensive portfolio of additional plugins and extensions for PAP can be accessed comfortably.

In case of difficulties, the PAP support is quickly on your side. Once when we had a problem with the pay-out of our business partners (due to an incorrect server setting), we received a very professional and explicit answer within a few hours. We and our registered partners (publishers) are stoked using PAP and can recommend it without any reservations.

Philipp Zurawski, Handyreparatur123

In 2009 we decided to install an affiliate system on our server. For this we thoroughly tested and compared all available affiliate systems for several weeks.

At the end of these tests it was clear to us that we were going to use PAP.

We never regretted our decision: PAP works great, it is continuously developed further and improved, it is easy to use and its maintenance is a piece of cake.

I highly recommend PAP to any company that wants to improve its sales significantly by using an affiliate system.

Stelios Tsaousidis, Password Depot

We started using Post Affiliate Pro in 2009, the same year we launched our start-up company and our software RebelBetting. We now have customers in over 100 countries, and affiliate sales count for a significant part of our revenue. We're happy with having a professional solution for managing affiliates and payouts. We're especially impressed with the technical support that is always exceptional.

Simon, RebelBetting

To Laci Acs and the Support Team Quality Unit.

My name is Arthur Flores from SVP Technologies for Perfect Health For Life.

We are a health and nutritional company that needed a really technically superior Affiliate Software program to manage our business. We purchased Post Affiliate Pro and had it installed for us by the Post Affiliate Pro technical staff. We were amazed at the ease of the software functionality and the unbelievable options that are available to us as add-on's.

The program allowed us to start very inexpensively and as we continue to grow and/or need additional tweaks/options, all we have to do is ask the tech team.

To put it plainly, we are very pleased with the program and the support we have received, it's excellent.

Arthur Flores, Perfect health for life

In my opinion, the best way to judge any system, team, company or person is when things don't go as smoothly as promised. Most companies shine when things are going well, but how many are great when things don't quite go as planned. Happily, all the hype about PAP customer support was actually true. Every person on their customer support and tech team is first class. From the beginning, they were always there; helpful, professional and knowledgeable. The software comes at a reasonable price. It's very well thought out and is easy to use. It's no wonder they are an industry leader.

Dorian Vallejo, DorianVallejo

I have been using Post Affiliate Pro for 1 year now and have found it extremely beneficial to my company growth. Not only is the software excellent, but the support is superb. Any issues or questions I have had have been answered within 2 minutes using the live chat. I can't recommend Post Affiliate Pro highly enough.

Steven Aitchison, CYTguides

Hey! We are a French Company and using Post Affiliate Network and Post Affiliate Pro. This is a solid software which allows you to build an entire affiliate program.

At the beginning it was not evident because the guides are in English and sometimes the technical terms are not that evident. But this is completely solved by the chat. In fact the chat of PAP is very very …… very useful.

Every time something is not clear I asked Martin and he took the time to re-explain us the facts. Nice job, nice platform…

Comeleon, Comeleon

It was with some trepidation that I turned to Client Services after many years of not using the excellent Affiliate Pro Software.

I should not have worried, a number of people were needed to solve my many problems and they did it calmly and efficiently.

They really made what could have been a nightmare into something almost pleasurable.

The end result is that our Affiliate Program is working again after six wasted years and upgraded to the latest super duper version. And all done within 24 hours!

Extremely impressive given the multitude of problems, including corrupted files, and the technical work involved.

Skin Culture has no hesitation whatsoever in saying that, along with an amazing software, they have a brilliant Client Services Department.

Michael Cumbermack, Skin Culture

We use the PAP hosted for another software company, so we’re looking forward to getting more familiar with the installed version. We’re very excited to implement a new affiliate program on another website in the next few weeks. Thanks so much for putting on this great giveaway!

Sean R., Get Bravo

I have started my own affiliate system with another affiliate software six years ago. But in the past years, I have participated in establishing several Post Affiliate Pro systems, and I'm convinced to prefer this software. Easy to use, many features and detailed reports. It is an excellent software. It is time for a change.

Laszlo Liktor, Affiliate Marketing Club

The features and the design of Post Affiliate Pro are outstanding. And their 24x7x365 support is stellar too. For over 10 years we were clients of one of the biggest affiliate software providers around. Now that we've made the switch to Post Affiliate Pro, we're kicking ourselves that we didn't do it sooner. Had we gone with Post Affiliate Pro right from the beginning, we would've saved over 90% of our licensing costs. What an incredible value. Thank you Post Affiliate Pro!

Timothy Weichman, Life of Learning Foundation

I have used Post Affiliate Pro both as an affiliate manager as well an affiliate. It is undoubtedly one of the most innovative affiliate marketing platforms among all other software we reviewed. Some of the features I like the most includes Split Commission, Direct Links Tracking and Multi-Tier Commissions. The software definitely offers possibly every feature a successful affiliate program or network requires.

PAP is one of the leading affiliate marketing software products considering all the features it has to offer. It is easy to integrate this software with most shopping carts available online which makes it more flexible and a hassle free experience too. I’d highly recommend it to everyone who wants to get started with his/her own affiliate program.

Manish, ReviewZAP

POST AFFILIATE PRO is the program that I finally decide to buy and although I had to bite the bullet and pay for their initial integration configuration fee, their monthly fee of $30 is perfect for my needs and the best deal going.

These folks offer 24/7 live chat with very skilled technicians as well as phone support for when I just cannot easily explain my questions in a written format. They are extremely patient and thorough and I trust them to help me in any situation that I encounter as I set up my affiliate program.

I cannot say enough about how amazing their support has been as I embarked on this big new step. Their software is still astounding me as to how easy it is to work in. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Karen Peterson, Simply Fun Families

We have been using Quality Unit's Post Affiliate Pro, Post Affiliate Network and Live Agent for many years. These products have helped us build our business, simply because they are so reliable and flexible. We can even support customers in several countries and languages.

The support is where Quality Unit really shines: Ultrafast response and relevant help.

We hope our competitors never find out about Quality Unit's products.

Asle Skarpengland, Findex

When developing our Options Money Maker affiliate program, it was imperative to find a solution that would grow and evolve with our business. Post Affiliate Pro is just that--- a scalable solution that enables us to better serve and train our expanding group of traders and investors.

The customer support of Quality Unit has been exceptional. Responsive and knowledgeable. Many thanks.

Mark Dannenberg, Options Money Maker

Being an affiliate, we have worked with various affiliate programs throughout the years and have been exposed to many of the different softwares providers use. By far Post Affiliate Pro is our favourite, providing comprehensive reports in an easy to read format.

Based on our experience we would recommend PAP as an excellent addition to any affiliate program. Keep up the great work!

Emily Johnston, Vegas Slots Online

Being in the affiliate game for over 5 years I have worked with many different affiliate programs. The difference between the price and offerings of the different platforms is astounding. I can honestly say that Post Affiliate Pro's offering is the most cost effective with excellent reports and analytical software. Easy to setup, with excellent support services, they have saved me a lot of time and money. Thank you very much!

Tim Stuartson, Asiabet

For the longest time there have been two cases of exceptional B2B assistance in my professional career and I am pleased to say that Post Affiliate Pro has made the list with both, their software and their support.

Post Affiliate Pro seems to have a model which can be called a mission or a vision and they stick to it. A model that works and stays remembered in the minds of countless happy partners and customers that Quality Unit interacts with. These guys are doing something exceptionally right. Finding it and sticking to it will continue to rapidly raise their business up to unexpected heights.

I have enjoyed working with our affiliate network through Post Affiliate Pro. I found it to be one of the best affiliate software based on my research and will gladly spread my wom recommendations further.

Rick Slot, Slotozilla

I've been using Post Affiliate Pro to manage my affiliate program for all of my websites about five years now, and it is exceptionally seasoned, mature, and stable software filled with more functionality than anyone could ever ask for. But above all of that, even after owning the software for over five years, Quality Unit still provides the highest level of customer service that you will ever find available from any company in any industry anywhere in the world.

Alan B. Densky, Neuro-vision

I work in the online gambling space where effective, real-time tracking is essential because every ‘sale’ is worth $300-$400. I made the switch from Stats Remote to Quality Unit’s Post Affiliate Pro – a decision I’m delighted with. PAP offers great flexibility: I can divide affiliates into different campaigns, visualise traffic and track revenue all on one friendly interface. I was able to explain the PAP interface very easily to my marketing team. At 30 bucks a month, PAP is a must have!

Daniel Partridge, Right Casino

Our site needed an accurate, robust and flexible affiliate solution with powerful reporting capabilities and after investigating many other options, we decided on Post Affiliate Pro. The fact that the Ultimate Server edition license that we purchased is very reasonably priced is a nice added bonus. The basic installation was easy and the number of standard integration options is impressive and that means that Post Affiliate Pro will work for almost everyone. When we ran into some technical issues with our implementation, the support team responded quickly and was most helpful in resolving problems with our configuration. We've just launched and started promoting our program and we're already seeing the benefits of having this solid system manage our affiliate program. Thank you Post Affiliate Pro!

Dan Wong, WagerTalk

When we decided to start affiliate program at Kaswan Tours and Safaris our main challenge was to get the best software to use in tracking sales. We got Post Affiliate Pro and can’t regret about it. First it was very easy to install and then very easy to run, and when we get stuck we usually get prompt support from the support team. We have used it for almost one year and thinkg it's the best affiliate tracking software and especially for those in the travel industry like us. Once you install you won’t regret at all and you will smoothly run your affiliate program without worries. Keep up the good work.

Stephen N Karanja, Kaswan Tours and Safaris

The Post Affiliate Pro System was recommended to us by friends on our at an Affiliate conference in Amsterdam. We didn’t hesitate for long since our friends had only good things to say about the products and the people working behind the scenes. From that day we never looked back. It just makes work in the Affiliate world a whole lot easier. We are really happy with the product and have no regrets having invested in it.

Andrew C., Play Logic Games

We work in gambling affiliate industry, where confidence in affiliate solution is very important. Affiliate tracking software Post Affiliate Pro use many big players and we, affiliates, love PAP mainly because of these benefits: Quick, accurate and scalable, 2 variables sub-affiliate tracking, Almost realtime statistics, Customizable interface.. Above that, we can append affiliate link to any page of the website unlike of many PAP competitors. So finally, from the perspective of affiliate, Post Affiliate Pro is excellent solution and we can only recommend it.

Rick Perry, Freeslots77

Post Affiliate Pro is incredibly easy to use and integrate. We evaluated several affiliate programs and PAP stood out on all levels from costs, easy of use, tools, features and more. I have recommended Post Affiliate Pro to several other companies and will again. Besides all the great features, a great benefit is that each backlink from affiliates does not require that affiliates code. This made getting new, less tech savvy affiliates much easier. This also helps a lot with SEO as all links are clean and look natural since they do not have an affiliate code on them. 

Luke Huebner, Zip Scanners

LCB is one of the leading websites in the iGaming industry and we work with many affiliate systems and having a variety of reporting options and easy navigation is a must and Post Affiliate Pro fulfills these needs. The promotion section is also easy to use with the ability to create our own dynamic links so we can track multiple campaigns.

Melanie Attwell, Latestcasinobonuses

Real-time and accurate tracking is very important to our team at Wizard of Odds and Wizard of Vegas. Being in the industry since 1998 we have seen our fair share of affiliate systems and Post Affiliate Pro has been a joy to use, with easy navigation and real-time tracking to monitor our campaign results.

Joshua Chan, Wizardofodds

PostAffiliate Network has been the core of our tracking and accounting system for around five years now. It is able to cope with high traffic volume and faciliates the billing of our partners greatly!

Sebastian Radatz, Affilicon

The biggest advantage of PAP is the ability to precisely track our leads by the campaign. This ability gives us very important information about behavior of visitors after they leave our website. This kind of intelligence is very important for our business decisions and it's also something we find very difficult to get from majority of similar tools.

Jan Kmetko, CasinoGuru

Post Affiliate Pro is a powerful affiliate tracking software that offers everything a software need to track and manage affiliates. We have used from Affiliate point of view as well as affiliate manager point of view and it exceeds all the expectations. In fact, some features offered by the company such as Split commissions, various level of tracking, multi currency and templates are just a few features that were offered by PAP. Cloud and proprietary versions are two another way you can get the freedom on product. Overall a highly recommended product.

Jay Shukla, Pandia

After thorough research of various various affiliate tracking software platforms, my colleagues and I chose to utilize Post Affiliate Pro. Why? Well, we think that the Post Affiliate Pro  software is very user-friendly and provides all the key functionality we need to run the MathQED Affiliate Program. The customer support team is extremely helpful and responds to our questions in a very timely manner. The MathQED team is really excited about using the Post Affiliate Pro tracking software to grow the MathQED Affiliate Program!

Iris Mack, PhD, EMBA MathQED

I looked and tried several affiliate software services and Post Affiliate Pro has the most options to create a great partner program. I was able to setup several actions at different payment amounts to pay affiliates for completing specific goals on our website. And the options for SEO link benefits was a strong selling point. I am very happy with the performance of PAP and highly recommend them.

Brian Greenberg, True Blue Life Insurance

Starting at: $97

/month with complimentary white glove setup

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