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How to Use Paid Traffic Channels in Affiliate Marketing

Andrej Csizmadia

October 6, 2020
Last modified on April 6, 2023 at 12:34 pm

In this post we will try to help you understand a series of concepts to make the most of your affiliate marketing in your business. What are paid traffic channels, what is affiliate marketing, and how do you combine them to boost your sales and goals? Read on!


  • What is paid traffic
  • Paid Traffic vs. Free Traffic (SEM vs. SEO)
  • Why use Paid Traffic + Marketing Channels
  • What is Affiliate Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing Benefits Everyone
  • How to use/mix/combine Paid Traffic and Affiliate Marketing
    • Google Ads.
    • Social Ads.
  • Tips to success with Paid Traffic + Affiliate Marketing combination
  • Wrapping up!

What is Paid Traffic

The paid channel includes all those visits from paid online ads, either with AdWords (SEM) or with social network ad platforms (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, or LinkedIn Ads).

Therefore, it requires an investment of resources, time, and money. Although today there are many free tools that help you to empower these channels created by knowledgeable experts while saving you time. Look into all these opportunities available to you!

Average cost of instagram post

Paid Traffic vs. Free Traffic (SEM vs. SEO)

We have two different concepts: SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

SEO is the set of techniques applied to a website with the aim of improving its position on search results pages at an organic level; you don’t pay for SEO, but you do need to invest resources (such as hiring a SEO expert). SEM, on the other hand,refers to the practices that are carried out on a website to get the highest visibility through advertising campaigns on search engines. In other words, we can say that SEM is the search engine’s paid results. 

While SEO focuses on improving visibility at the organic level or naturally in search results, SEM relies on paid advertising campaigns on the result pages.

Both SEO and SEM are two indispensable strategies in online marketing and you must be able to combine them to achieve optimal results and you have to combine them!

Why use Paid Traffic + Marketing Channels

As we said, the benefits and timescales of investing in SEO and paid traffic are different. Here are some of the advantages/benefits you will get if you use paid traffic strategies in your marketing channels:

  • Faster growth
  • Better ad targeting
  • More likely to convert leads/visitors/users in sales
  • You pay for results (PPC = pay per click)

What is Affiliate Marketing

We wanted to talk to you about affiliate marketing. What is it? You probably already know, but just in case… Affiliate Marketing is a very interesting alternative tool for people who want to sell on the Internet, besides being a great tool for Producers who want to increase the dissemination of their products online. You basically create a record base and the Affiliates do the outreach work.

How does an affiliate program work

Affiliate Marketing Benefits Everyone

  • Affiliates make their websites, blogs, and social networks profitable by selling third party products.
  • Producers gain distribution channels and get more customers and, consequently, more sales.
  • And even customers, who have more channels to search and buy products.

How to use/mix/combine Paid Traffic and Affiliate Marketing

When using paid traffic channels in your affiliate marketing, you have to take into account all available sources:

Google Ads

Google Ads is Google’s advertising program that allows you to create ads that are displayed to users looking for information related to a specific keyword.

The operation of Google Ads is simple: it is based on the PPC system – Pay per Click – you pay for each click your ads receive from potential customers. However, carrying out good campaigns is complex and requires a lot of care. Take your time.

As you can imagine, we assure you paid traffic on Google is not easy; it requires an investment of resources, time and, money. Although today there are many free tools that help you to empower these channels without consulting expensive services and experts.

Dive into all the possibilities!

Social Ads

We cannot forget another essential part of paid traffic strategies: advertising on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (and recently Reels) Linkedin… and yes, even Pinterest.

You will have to decide what social networks you should advertise your business on; all while creating a good customer journey and positioning yourself on social media and with the type of ads indicated: video or photo content, events, or display banners… but really, the options are endless. Click here for some facebook ads tips for 2020.

A little secret! The best paid traffic channels for affiliate marketing are Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads (we need to explore a little more Reels, because it is very recent) and Influencer Marketing.

Over 65% of affiliate marketers connect with their customers on social media

Tips to success with Paid Traffic + Affiliate Marketing combination

Best practices that we recommend when joining both techniques of customer acquisition:

  • Target the right audience
  • Do a comprehensive and extensive keyword research
  • Test and adjust all your campaigns and ads every now and then
  • Don’t forget to study your target!

Wrapping up! 

In conclusion, we can say that both SEO and SEM are techniques we have to invest in for our marketing strategies, in addition to supporting our affiliate marketing with both types of channels. 

Now that you know what to do, get started now!

Lucía Rodríguez

Guest Post Author

Lucía Rodríguez

Luci studied journalism, but soon realized that what she truly loves is writing content and SEO. Cat mom and burger lover, Luci is the SEO and Content Manager at Clever ecommerce and Clever Ads ❤️ #seo #content #marketing

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