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Best Ways To Use Interactive Content To Attract Affiliates

Andrej Csizmadia

March 5, 2019
Last modified on June 13, 2022 at 10:31 am

Advertising and traditional marketing strategies don’t work well for you? Are you in search of a unique way to promote your product and increase brand awareness?

Then, affiliate marketing is a great solution for your business.

Affiliate marketing is a great source of revenue for a business. It gives you a chance to get regular income and pay only for the results of the affiliate work. Besides, affiliate marketing is also a great way to increase traffic, and it is a great way for a business to go international, as it allows you to reach audiences from different countries.

If you’re hesitant, whether it’s worth trusting a stranger with promoting your product, here are some stats to reassure you:

  • Revenue from affiliate marketing campaigns has been growing steadily by 10% each year since 2015;
  • 81% of brands have already adopted affiliate marketing and continue working with this strategy;
  • Annual affiliate marketing spending is set to reach almost 7 billion dollars by 2020:

As you can see, affiliate marketing is here to stay. And it seems easy, right? You find affiliates (or they find you), you create an affiliate link which they will use to distribute among their followers, and you will track how this link performs and how much new customer each affiliate brings.

Sounds fairly easy, but it’s not that simple on practice.

Besides the fact that there are many fraudulent affiliates, which you can typically identify and prevent by using affiliate software, good affiliates aren’t that easy to find. Affiliate superstars get tons of offers on the monthly basis and they are very picky about what brand they choose to work with.

Then what’s the best way to attract affiliate superstars? Interactive content. Unlike other well-known forms of content marketing, like blog posts or social media content, interactive content is more appealing and eye-catching. It has high engagement qualities and typically requires more effort from the brand, which affiliates always notice.

You’re probably already using interactive content for your marketing campaigns. But how can you repurpose it to attract affiliates?

Here are some great ideas.

1. An Interactive Generator

If you want to attract affiliates, you need to create interactive content that not only features your product but also is eye-catching and unique. Enter interactive generators!

This type of interactive content maximizes involvement and engagement by inviting a person to follow certain steps to experience various product features. This is a great way to introduce an affiliate to your product and highlight its advantages.

A great example of such content is Flavor Generator by Hello Fresh, a UK-based company that offers recipe boxes. The company creates special boxed with nutritious ingredients, which they deliver to their customers along with the recipes, where these ingredients can be used. Their Flavor Generator is a great way to offer customers advice on what they can make for dinner and later invite them to order a box with ingredients:


Here’s the result with dinner choices they offer according to these choices:

Best Ways To Use Interactive Content To Attract Affiliates

Creating a similar generator may be a great solution for your business if you plan to attract affiliates. This type of interactive content is extremely engaging and shows the uniqueness of your brand, and good affiliates are always interested in that.

2. Interactive Infographics And Responsive Charts

Infographics are the most common interactive content used by many brands. Although infographics are typically static, they are still a good way to attract affiliates as well as new customers in general.

Here’s why:

  • 90% of information perceived by the brain is visual;
  • 65% of people are visual learners;
  • Colorful visuals increase people’s desire to read and pay close attention to the content;
  • Infographics are typically liked and shared 3 times more than other types of content.

Infographics work great to attract affiliates, mainly because this type of interactive content can provide them with brief information about your products or services, giving them the idea of what brand you invite them to represent.

Here’s an idea of how infographics can be used. Goldman Sachs, a well-known global investment banking firm, expressed its interest to work with millennials by creating an interactive infographic that explains who millennials are and how to reach out to them:


This comprehensive infographics also contains responsive charts, which are also a great example of interactive content. They allow the readers to view real-time data and, thanks to animated solutions, don’t require extensive explanations:


If you want to provide affiliates with bigger volumes of data on how your company operates, your revenue and other statistical data, creating infographics and responsive charts are a great way to do that. Many affiliates are very picky about the programs they choose, so additional information about the company in the form of interactive content like infographics can be really helpful.

3. Quizzes And Surveys (Multiple Choice)

Quizzes and surveys are great if you want to find the right affiliates to work with. This type of interactive content allows you to:

  • quickly introduce your company to the affiliates;
  • collect real-time feedback;
  • start working with those affiliates, whose values and views correlate with those of your business.

Here’s an example of a simple survey that uses true/false questions:

Best Ways To Use Interactive Content To Attract Affiliates

True/false or Yes/No surveys are the best to attract affiliates that are right for your business. You can tailor the questions, asking them about whether they are interested in certain features that describe your product. This way you’ll be able to find the affiliates that will work for you.

Another great type of interactive content to help you find the right affiliates are quizzes. You can ask the participants to choose the answer that best fit their interests, and then list the values of your company and the features of your product below. Typical interactive quizzes look like this:

Best Ways To Use Interactive Content To Attract Affiliates

You can tailor surveys and quizzes to your needs, bringing some elements of fun to them. That’s what Curalate did with their Emoji Quiz. Emoji can sometimes completely substitute words. Moreover, they also describe your emotional reaction, which is sometimes even better than creating a simple textual interactive survey:

Best Ways To Use Interactive Content To Attract Affiliates

Such quizzes are a great way to attract affiliates. They are unusual, and that’s why they are extremely eye-catching. Try this type of interactive content to find the right affiliates for your business.

4. Interactive Images (Image Juxtaposition, Presentations)

We live in a world where images rule the world of content marketing. With Instagram and Snapchat, which have various solutions for images, including animations, face filters, and image filters, it’s become hard to surprise anyone with this type of content.

So if you want to attract affiliates, you need to take images to another level and make them interactive.

Depending on your products or services, you can choose one of these options:

  • Drag and Drop pictures. Using various features of your product, create a Drag and Drop matching game. By doing so, you’ll create a short visual description of your product. This will also allow potential affiliates to learn each particular feature of your product and understand it better, which is very beneficial for your potential cooperation with them. Here’s an example of a simple Drag and Drop visual:
  • Image hotspot questions. Businesses always want to work with affiliates, who know their brand well. Creating image hotspot questions can help you test their knowledge. Moreover, it’s a very original way to attract affiliates. Here’s what it looks like: a person is required to answer the question by pressing on one of the selected visuals. After doing this, they are given the reply, whether they are right or wrong:
  • Interactive presentations. This is a very informative and comprehensive way to attract affiliates and tell them about your company. This type of interactive content is quite similar to infographics but it uses more animated features. You can create an interactive journey using the format of presentation, like the one by H5P here. This is a very creative way to take the affiliates on a journey that will educate them about your brand and your product.

5. Interactive Videos

Linear vides are traditional videos that we’re used to watching on YouTube or Facebook. The video is already a preferred type of content in marketing. Reportedly, marketers that use video content grow revenue 49% faster. Here are some more facts that support the idea of how influential video marketing is:


For affiliate marketing, can also bring great benefits. But if you want to take it to another level, you can try making interactive videos. Much like interactive presentations, interactive videos invite the viewers to embark on a journey, but these videos are much more interactive, giving the viewer a series of choices, and the end of the video will depend on the viewer’s choices.

Interactive videos serve as a great example of engaging interactive content. “For affiliate marketing, interactive videos may be the most effective content, though they can be quite expensive”, says Peter Gregory, a marketing specialist at Flatfy.

Despite some difficulties that creating interactive videos may involve, this is still an effective way to attract the attention of affiliates. One of the greatest examples of interactive videos is “Will you fit into Deloitte?”, created by an international company Deloitte along with Snorkel digital video agency. This is a gamified interactive video for those, who would like to work for this company. It is a journey that tests a viewer, whether they will fit in the company or not.

Using this example, you can tailor your interactive video to fit your needs. If you want to attract affiliates, you can make an interactive video the main content of your affiliate marketing campaign. Like custom quizzes and surveys, this is also a great way to find the affiliates that will be a great fit to represent your brand.

6. Interactive Games

Lastly, why not have a little fun? Quizzes, surveys, and infographics are surely a good way to attract affiliates, but you can try interactive games as well! This is a great way to create an activity that is both engaging and appealing.

To create an interactive game in order to attract affiliates, you need to make it all about your company. This should be a fun way for a person to learn about your brand and decide, whether they are interested in working with you.

Here are some general examples of interactive games that you can use:

  • Memory game. By using some features of your product, you can engage potential affiliates in a memory game to help them learn more about it:
  • Image pairing. This is a great innovative way to attract the attention of affiliates. You can play around with various options to make this game fit your needs and to serve the purpose of attracting affiliates:
  • Personal quizzes. Let the affiliates decide themselves, whether they are a good fit or not for your brand by engaging them in a personality quiz. You can make this quiz less direct by using more abstract notions, which, however, tell a lot about someone’s personality. Here’s a general example of a personality quiz:

Creating a gamified experience is a great way to attract affiliates. You’ll hit the bull’s eye with it, as it’s definitely something they’ve never seen before and will be interested in.

Wrapping Up

Working with affiliates can be very beneficial for your brand. But if you want to attract the right ones, you need to do it with high-quality interactive content. We encourage you to use the ideas mentioned in this article, as they are highly engaging and will definitely work to attract superstar affiliates!

Kate Khom

Guest Post Author

Kate Khom

Kate Khom is a passionate writer and blogger. She likes sharing her tips and tricks with the readers. Currently she works as the real estate agent.

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