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8 Books That Every Affiliate Marketing Manager Should Read

Andrej Csizmadia

October 16, 2015
Last modified on March 7, 2022 at 4:18 pm

Affiliate Marketing Managers are really important as merely launching an affiliate program would do no good. The programs have to be managed on a daily basis.

The skills that many employers look for in Affiliate Managers (whether they want their work done through an in-house manager or an affiliate channel) are listed below.

  • Relationship oriented – soft skills and putting the whole team together
  • Marketing focused – if a new product is to be launched, the measures to be taken should employ a marketing-oriented approach
  • Analytically wise – being able to relate every expenditure to revenue and use analytical procedures to get an understanding of it more clearly
  • Tech-savvy – having know-how of HTML and other programming languages
  • Technical knowledge – information relating to laws & regulations along with knowledge of tax computation
  • Fits with the organisation – one who can blend in with the same brand and culture of the business

These skills can be mastered by learning and practice. There are some books which may grab your attention.

1. A Practical Guide To Affiliate Marketing: Quick Reference For Affiliate Managers And Merchants By Evgenii Prussakov

This book explains practical and solid answers to some questions that are not well-known to people. It also provides some good ideas on how to promote affiliate marketing and how to keep your employers satisfied. It has a very neat and convenient format and is a great choice for affiliate managers and merchants alike.

Get A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing

2. Affiliate Program Management: An Hour A Day By Evgenii Prussakov

With a well-known ‘An Hour a Day’ format, this book guides its readers step-by-step on how to practically research, promote, manage and optimize a successful affiliate marketing campaign. It also explains social media tools such as how to deal with coupons, widgets and other multimedia stuff. From determining payment schedules to communicating through appropriate means, this is a quality do-it-yourself guide for its readers.

Get Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day

3. The Complete Guide To Affiliate Marketing On The Web By Bruce C. Brown

Want to master the art and science behind successful affiliate marketing? This book can teach you in hours. It teaches how to improve profitability through search engine rankings and attracting high-volume traffic. There are 6 steps to a successful advertising campaign that are defined in this book as: keyword research, setup & implementation, return on investment, reporting and avoiding PPC fraud, software required and copy editing.

After interviewing successful affiliate managers, their secrets and techniques are compiled in this book to give better understanding. Case studies of companies are also included that adopted these techniques and practices and flourished.

4. How I Made $10 Million From Internet Affiliate Marketing By Antoine Walker

This book tells a story about how affiliate marketing can lead to riches. The writer narrates his own story that he was a high-school dropout and earned a million dollars when he was just 20 years old. He (Antoine) then focused on challenging Yahoo. Meanwhile, his partner cheats him making him lose access to his own sites and was made bankrupt.

Later on, Antoine starts from scratch and learns search engine optimization (SEO) taking him to glorious heights of success. He earned more than ever and earned $5000 a month. He also bought an ocean-front property and pays zero income tax. So to learn SEO tips & tricks and how to master them, this book is a good one to read.

5. Affiliate Manager Boot Camp: Recruiting, Educating, And Retaining Affiliates By Shawn Collins

A 3-step approach has been explained by Collins relating to recruitment, education and holding employees back in their affiliate programs. Putting his 10-year experience as an affiliate manager upfront, he explains how to grow relationships with affiliates.

It focuses on quality rather than quantity when dealing with affiliates and also advises working side by side with them. As the name suggests, it is entirely restricted to those three aspects. Readers should not expect any information regarding policing affiliates, commission and budgets/forecasts.

6. Make A Fortune Promoting Other People’s Stuff Online: How Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Rich By Rosalind Gardner

This is a great guide for one who aims to start an affiliate marketing business very easily and quickly. The author is a renowned affiliate marketing authority that provides a 5-step plan to achieve success in this field. It teaches how to identify a niche with a huge market and guides the choices we make in selling our products profitably.

7. Affiliate Programs: How To Make Money Online With Other People’s Products By Joel Comm

In this 30-page guide, the author explains ways to earn passive income with affiliate programs and shares his techniques & tactics. By the way, Joel Comm is New York Times Best Selling author. Whether it is to decide which products to produce, which to sell, where and how to place ads, this report describes everything.

8. 500 Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Advice, Hints And Strategy For Business

This book has some really good tips and tricks regarding how to enhance the presence of one’s business on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is recommended for every affiliate manager to be familiar with these tips to develop a good understanding of how to bring social networks to use for promoting their products/services.

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