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Claim Flights

Affiliate marketing could very well help your business expand, no matter what your niche market may be. A company called Claim Flight is the perfect example of a success story, in terms of using affiliate marketing as a growth-driver.

So what do they do exactly? See for yourself

Claim Flights started with the soul mission of helping air passengers claim compensation under the EU regulation 261/2004 for cancelled or delayed flights, while educating passengers about their flight rights along the way. In doing so, it makes it much more difficult for airlines to exploit their passengers by providing fake reasons or excuses. Claim Flights also ensures you get hassle-free and quality service, allowing you to claim your compensation with ease.

Post Affiliate Pro has been their tool of choice since August 2015. Since then, they have found 94 affiliates to promote their services. ClaimFlights is currently operating in 6 European countries. The total number of affiliates may seem low, but commission numbers indicate that quality is what matters. Each month, Claimflights does more than 10,000 transactions with their affiliates.

The company considers comprehensive tracking options as the most important feature of Post Affiliate Pro. Built-in email communication and complex reporting are a close second on their list of favorites.

The founders of ClaimFlights told us that Post Affiliate Pro is their software of choice because of the niche market they’re in. The empowerment that a professional affiliate management software brought to their business, translated into the ability of running their own affiliate program. “We are in a niche market and it was best for us to build our own program. It brought us more profits, compared to being a part of an existing program. We were not comfortable with paying 30% of our revenue to a 3rd party,” one of the founders said.

Post Affiliate Pro is the best affiliate software, it has improved our business, because with the help of this software, we extended our reach, and revenues went higher.

Claim Flights

Proper software helps them get even more visibility and way more business options. The company plans to expand and emphasizes growing their reach as the way to achieve their goals.

In terms of finding affiliates, Claimflight relies on Google Alerts and additional scanning software. They also find email campaigns very useful. Last but not least, the founders point out the very special nature of their business model.

Our business is special, because it’s more like an addition to an existing flight booking and travel service. We claim compensations for delayed flights (if your flight is delayed more than 3 hours, you can claim up to 600€) and if a partner company has booking information, they can easily inform customers with delays to use our service.
We also plan to introduce a Spanish version soon, in addition to the existing German and English ones.

Dr. Mirko C. Ulbrich, CEO @ Claim Flights

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