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asia_from=22 asia_to=25 will put all languages from 23 to 24 (so only 2) into Asia region.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our blog. We love guest posts but we’re picky about their quality. We aim to provide informational and unique content to our audience: Business owners, affiliate marketers, and marketing experts. Since we prefer quality > quantity, we do not post generic content that can be found anywhere on the internet.

Please review the following step-by-step guide before sending us your topic ideas. If we don’t respond to you within 4-5 days, we have not accepted your guest post.

Guest post logistics:

  • suggest 3-5 topic ideas and send it to us in an email
  • when we approve a topic, we let you know in an email and send you a Guest post brief to fill out
  • the deadline & exact posting date will be scheduled once the Guest post brief is reviewed
  • go through the checklists: topic idea, brief, content, visual content, link placement, general for final draft here

Topic idea checklist:

  • read our blog to find out what topics we have covered in the past and what types of content are relevant to our readers – please refrain from sending already published or irrelevant content
  • suggest 3-5 catchy topic ideas that you feel knowledgeable about and are relevant to our industry, which include affiliate marketing/affiliate programs/marketing strategy, affiliate management solutions (payment processors, split commission, campaign tracking), digital marketing, SaaS, etc.
  • share some of your previous publications with us in your email
  • send your pitch in email to hello@liveagent.com with the subject line ‘ice cream’

Guest post brief checklist:

  • once the topic has been approved, you will receive a mail response from us
  • fill out our Guest post brief that we will send you
  • keep in mind that the goal of the guest post is not only to provide exposure and links but also to increase organic traffic therefore also research potential low-competition keywords with high search volume before submitting the completed brief

Guest post content checklist:

  • Post Affiliate Pro is always written separately with the first letters capitalized
  • at least 2000 words, preferably more
  • SEO optimize your article as outlined in the Guest post brief
  • write in second-person point of view (you/your), conversational tone, and American English
  • keep your sentences short and easy to understand (No fluff!)
  • limit your paragraphs to max. 5 sentences (great free tool – Hemingway Editor)
  • use different formatting options: strong text, bullet points, numbered text
  • maintain a consistent font type and size in the piece
  • all headers should be lowercase, except for the first word of the header and any proper nouns or acronyms (list out all acronyms)
  • only the first letter of a new sentence should be capitalized
  • write actionable tips, statistics, and other interesting facts that provide value for the reader
  • run a grammar, readability, and plagiarism check
  • proofread and double check before submitting the final draft

Visual content checklist:

  • include: videos, presentations, infographics, and gifs; discussions, quotes, tweets, (pricing) tables, graphs, tips, statistics
  • topic-related products can be mentioned
  • 5+ images in the article – copyright-free pics, screenshots with links, own images (each image should be up to 100kb with a proper file name. attribution, and alt tag), screenshots with arrows are fine
  • avoid stock images and low-quality images
  • send all visuals as attachments to the email when sending the finished draft
  • relevancy and informational value of the backlink (preferably non-promotional links)
  • the placement of the link should look natural
  • no paid or sponsored links
  • to maintain a high level of quality, we do not accept link requests from websites outside of our niche. That includes keywords we already target organically.
  • promotional links have nofollow attributes for search engines
  • check the anchor text and keywords (related phrases, keywords, synonyms), for example, ticketing software (ticketing system tool, ticketing tool…). Avoid words such as “click here,” “here are,” “check here,” etc.
  • external links should not be included in the opening paragraph, header, footer, sidebar of the page, or conclusion
  • preferably, organic traffic is more than 1K, but the link acceptance depends on the site’s overall quality
  • 2-5 dofollow external links (to authoritative/topically related websites) and preferably fresh content (not older than 3 years, and use multiple sources, not just one)
  • 2-5 internal links to LiveAgent, PostAffiliatePro, QualityUnit, or anywhere our brand is mentioned in the text
  • avoid linking to our competitors as source content (we would remove the link and find a new source to link to)
  • links in the author’s bio are not supported
  • max. 2 outbound links to 1 domain
  • for .com domains, min. DR50+ (Ahrefs)
  • for international domains, min. DR30+ (Ahrefs)

General checklist for final draft:

  • include your bio (max. 300 characters) and headshot
  • if you wish to have your piece promoted on our socials, provide links to your social media profiles
  • the finished draft should be sent as a Google doc, with the share permissions updated for commenting and feedback
  • send it to hello@liveagent.com
  • the final article can be rejected for the following reasons:
    • duplicated or plagiarized content
    • content is written solely for link building purposes
    • content biased, offensive, or not up to our standards
    • sent after the agreed deadline

note: Post Affiliate Pro team reserves the right to edit your content to fit our blogging style

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