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Cold Email Templates for Affiliates (Followup templates included)

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

April 28, 2015
Last modified on July 14, 2022 at 6:47 am

Are you an affiliate and looking to promote products through cold emailing? Are you looking for email templates that perform? We’ve put together our all-time-best email templates for cold emails. No rocket science, just the same old proven practices pimped to perfection.

Rule #0 – Every company is different

These emails work for software, helpdesk & live chat software especially. If you’re trying to promote unicorns, we suggest that you mix it up a little bit. If you’re looking to promote LiveAgent, feel free to Copy & Paste the template and start sending 🙂

Cold email template 0 – requesting contact information.

Subject: Cooperation – “Your company” + “Product you’re promoting”
Example subject: Cooperation – Trello + LiveAgent

Why business development person and not XY?

Usually, the bizdev is connected with all the necessary execs so it will be much easier for him to forward you to the correct person. The other reason is, that your email won’t look so obvious. If you’re selling SEO software and looking for the Marketing manager, there’s a very little chance you will get a reply.

Why no introduction? Why so stark?

The less the person knows the better. You can give yourself up with a link in your signature, which usually is enough. Your email signature should look like: Name, Company that you work for + link. The shorter the email, the better. If you’re not talking to the executive yet, you want to keep it short.

Cold Email Templates for Affiliates (Followup templates included)

Cold email template 1 – Introducing the product

Subject: Re: Cooperation – “Your company” + “Product you’re promoting”
Example subject: Re: Cooperation – Trello + LiveAgent


Hello Michael, 

I’ve been recommended by Synthia, that you should be the right person to talk to. 

I noticed on your website www.ladesk.com that you don’t have live chat. Competition is tough and being able to answer customers’ questions in real-time prevents bounces and loosing potential customers. 

I’d love to connect with you, does next Wednesday sound alright? If you want to learn more about the product first, here’s a quick link: www.ladesk.com


This is the tricky part. First impression matters. However, if you don’t get a reply to your first cold email, don’t worry – that’s where followup emails come to action 🙂

Product introduction

Follow up, Follow up and Follow up more…

The art of cold emails is not just about crafting the perfect copy for your emails. It’s the persistence. Keep your prospects in the email funnel for as long as possible. They say that “Software wasn’t sold in a day”, or was it “Rome wasn’t built in a day?”. Either way, keep following up with short emails until the prospect either says “Yes, I want it” or “Please unsubscribe”. An example timeline for follow ups could be:

1st followup – 2 days after introduction email
2nd followup – 3 days after 1st followup
3rd followup – 10 days after 2nd followup
4th followup – 14 days after 3rd followup
Occasional followups – send followups after 3, 6, 12 months and check in with the prospects to see if they changed their mind and if it’s the right time to proceed.

Followup email template 1 

Subject: Got a second to chat?

Followup email template 2

Subject: Touching base

Hi {name},

Just wanted to send a quick follow up to my previous email. Since I specialize in ecommerce, I’m sure that adding live chat to your website will drive a ton of conversions for you.

If you want to give LiveAgent a try, I suggest that you create a free trial right away.

Followup email template 3

Subject: A few minutes to connect?

Followup email template 4

Subject: LiveAgent next steps

Credits & more

Looking for more cold email templates and want to learn from the best? Close.io’s collection of cold email templates is a great inspiration. We also recommed you to take a look at FitSmallBusiness’ list of cold emails. It’s definitely worth to read, there are several tips from pros at different industries. 

PS: Most of the cold emails mentioned in this blogpost (with slight modifications) were sent to me during the last 3 years working as a marketing manager. 

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