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Declining Commission Raise
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Declining Commission Raise Requests

It’s not a secret that the commission rate is what usually motivates salespeople and affiliates to promote your products or services properly and effectively. The more competitive commission fees your affiliate program offers, the more attractive it is for potential publishers. High commission rates can help you recruit the most hardworking and successful affiliates and make it easier for you to retain them.

However, over time, a commission rate that you perceive to be high may become too low for some affiliates. If they decide that they deserve to be paid better for their work, they will start looking for a new affiliate program to join or ask you to increase the commission rate. The latter is the better outcome for you because it leaves you some room for negotiation and setting your own conditions. 

In some situations you might not be able to increase the commission fees you offer. In this case, you can still negotiate with an affiliate who asks for a raise or, if you can’t provide them with an alternative, politely decline their request and explain why you are doing so. We have prepared a few email templates that you can use to deny a commission increase request in both cases.

Before we present these templates, let’s discuss incentives other than an increased commission rate that you can offer your affiliates.

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Affiliate incentives besides commission

As already said, commission rates usually motivate affiliates the most, but you can also win their engagement by offering things like gifts, merchandise, discounts, or coupons for them to use. Sending them your products or giving access to your services for free can really work wonders. As they spend lots of time promoting your offerings, they probably like them already and would be happy to try them out.

Discounts and coupons work in the same way – affiliates can use them to buy goods you offer, choosing the items they are the most interested in. This is also a great way to build brand loyalty among your publishers, showing them that they are a valued part of your business, not just a source of conversions. 

You can also incentivize affiliates by offering them exclusive coupons and deals for their target audience. The fact that their followers will be getting an exclusive deal will work as recognition and motivation too.

Subject lines of an email declining a commission increase request

  • Answer to your commission increase request 
  • Thank you for your commission increase request 
  • We have reviewed your commission increase request
  • The result of your commission increase request
  • We can’t increase your commission just now, but we have something else for you

Emails declining a commission increase request 1

Email declining a commission increase request 2

Email declining a commission increase request 3

Email declining a commission increase request 4

Email declining a commission increase request 5

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I have to decline a commission increase request, should I offer any other incentives?

    If you can offer your affiliates any alternative incentive instead of a commission increase then do it. This will give you some insights into the expectations of your affiliates, enabling you to adjust your incentive structure in the future.

  • Should I inform affiliates about a planned commission increase?

    If you plan on increasing commission rates in the future or do so regularly, it’s a great idea to inform affiliates about this, especially if you are declining a commission increase at that time.

  • Should I explain why a commission increase request was declined?

    The reasons for declining the request may vary, but you should always explain what influenced your decision.

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