FastSpring provides a comprehensive e-commerce solution for companies that sell downloadable products and subscription-based services.

The integration is pretty easy and happens through the FastSpring SpringBoard (administration panel). You will be able to track per product commissions, product name, order ID, recurrence and customer details.


Integrating your website and FastSpring buttons

The first step is to integrate all your buttons. The integration code has to be added to each page with buttons you want to integrate:

<!-- Post Affiliate Pro integration snippet -->
<script id="pap_x2s6df8d" src="http://URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/scripts/trackjs.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
PostAffTracker.writeCookieToLink('affCookieLinkId', 'referrer');
function getVisitorIdLinkParameter() {
  return '&referrer=' + getVisitorId();
function getVisitorId() {
  return PostAffTracker._getAccountId() + PostAffTracker._cmanager.getVisitorIdOrSaleCookieValue();
<!-- /Post Affiliate Pro integration snippet -->

When you are done, modify every button code - add new property to the button link:


and add this code to the onClick function:


This final button will look like this:

<a onclick="_gaq.push(['_link', ''+getVisitorIdLinkParameter()]); return false;" href="" id="affCookieLinkId">Purchase this product</a>


Configuring Fast Spring

In your FastSpring springboard (admin area) add a new Custom Notification: Notifications > Custom notifications > Add

When you click "Add", in the Setup section, choose the following options:

Format: HTTP Remote Server Call
Type: Order Item Notification
Applicable site: choose the desired site or leave 'Applies to All'
Applicable products: choose the desired product or leave 'Applies to All Products'
Live Server URL: http://URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/plugins/FastSpring/fastspring.php
Content type: Name/Value Parameters

Click NEXT.

Set any name in "Name" field. Switch to the HTTP Parameters tab and set the following fields there (name - value):

CustomerEmail - #{}
OrderID - #{}
OrderItemDiscount - #{}
OrderItemProductName - #{orderItem.productName}
OrderItemTotal - #{orderItem.priceTotal.value}
OrderItemCurrency - #{orderItem.priceTotal.currency}
OrderReferrer - #{order.referrer}
SubscriptionReference - #{orderItem.subscription.reference}
isRebill - #{order.isRebill}


Activate the plugin

The final step is to activate FastSpring plugin in your Post Affiliate Pro in Plugins section.
That's it. All transactions will now be tracked.

Do not forget to integrate the click tracking code to your website as well.