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The integration with Post Affiliate Pro is only possible with Standard tracking and IP tracking.


Setting up your Post Affiliate Pro

To setup your Post Affiliate Pro you have to realize the integration will not include all standard processes. There is no browser cookie nor Flash cookie created, so you can only rely on IP tracking.

First step is to set your tracking method (Configuration> Tracking settings) to Standard links and you also have to setup IP tracking in this section. Set it to at least 1 day.


Setting up YourMembership

To track sales from YourMembership you have to add a tracking code in the section Ecommerce> Commerce Options. Navigate to the section Affiliate Tracking Code and paste this code to the textbox:

<img width="1" height="1" src="http://URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/scripts/{$ImageTrackUrl}&TotalCost=@@SUBTOTAL@@&OrderID=@@INVOICE_NUMBER@@" />

You can use these variables:
@@INVOICE_NUMBER@@ = The unique invoice number which identifies a specific store order, dues payment or donation. Depending upon your provider, it may be referred as the "Order ID", "Order Number", or something similiar.

@@AMOUNT@@ = The store order, dues payment or donation invoice amount.

@@SUBTOTAL@@ = The store order, dues payment or donation invoice sub-total. This is the invoice amount excluding any applicable tax and/or shipping.

That's it, your system is now integrated.