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Post Affiliate Pro Mobile

Stay in touch with your affiliate program at any time. Install our free Android and iOS application for merchants and affiliates.

Waiting tasks

Check the number of pending affiliates, direct links and transactions, directly from your smartphone. This screen is available only for merchants.

Traffic overview

Control traffic in your affiliate program in real-time. As an affiliate, you can see traffic generated by your affiliate links. Merchants can see the overall traffic coming into the affiliate program.


Get a detailed list of transactions generated in your affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will only see commissions generated for your affiliate account. As a merchant, you will get a complete list of all transactions in an affiliate program.

Simple Settings

Simply enter the URL of your affiliate program, your  username and password. The application will automatically identify your role and give you correct data. No other settings are required.

We've switched from another affiliate software to PAP. Post Affiliate Pro is a much more advanced tool and it offers a lot more features than our previous tool. We're very happy with our decision to switch to PAP.

The customer support of Quality Unit is by far the best support that I have received so far. I highly recommend PAP to anyone who wants a reliable affiliate software and exceptional customer service!

Johannes Selbach, CEO, SEOprofiler.com

WOW! Your affiliate system comes at an amazing value. So many cool features and I was up and running in no time. The support was fantastic. You did more than you said you would and for that, thanks!

David Adler, BSB Marketing LTD
Tel Aviv, Israel

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Always a helpful suport!!! Thanks
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Great support. He help me to solve a lot of things.
I appreciate your help
Fast response.
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great, needs pay raise
great help
the best!
Martin was great and patient with me today asking so many questions as I am looking for a new program for my business! Thank you so much Martin!
friendly :)
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great help and was patient with me. Kept thing SIMPLE!
This is the best in customer service. As soon as there was a problem, he did not waste my time. Offered a resolution to help me move on and responded appropriately. Thanks for having him. Please reward him. Warren
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