What's new in version 4 ?

Post Affiliate Pro 4 is a successor of the well known Post Affiliate Pro 3 that today powers few thousand affiliate programs all over the world.

Version 4 is built on our new powerful application engine; thanks to this, PAP4 is now a Web 2.0 AJAX application with a lot of advanced features.

This page is not about all PAP4 features, but about the advancements compared to the older version 3.
To learn about all of the features, check Take a tour page.


The most important changes between PAP3 and PAP4

User interface

This is probably the first thing you’ll notice in the new PAP 4. The user application is completely AJAX based. This way it offers a better user experience, faster reaction times and less data transferred. Our Blue Aero theme looks and behaves just like a desktop application, resembling Windows Vista or Mac OS X. It supports a start button & menu, sidebar, gadgets, quick launch and windowed mode. In this theme you can use your desktop widgets developed for iGoogle or Netvibes.The learning curve is very short and it takes just a few minutes to get adjusted to it. It contributes to better productivity and faster work.

Of course, you can choose another theme that looks more like a standard web application. There are more themes to choose, or you can easily create your own one.


PAP4 is faster than PAP3 and it requires less database space, thanks to a new and optimized method for saving clicks and impressions.
If you had any problems loading your statistics and reports in PAP3, it is solved in PAP4.
Tracking speed was also improved and there is a big room for further improvements using special, caching plugins that can be activated.


Plugin support is what makes PAP4 very powerful and almost endlessly extendable. If you are missing some functionality, you can add it by installing a plugin from our growing plugins database.

This way you can add new ways of tracking, including Lifetime commissions, Path to the sale, GeoIP tracking, Site Heat Map, new banner types, commission settings, Subsequent Sales commissions and virtually anything.

We are continuously developing plugins for you, and we also develop them upon request. If you are missing some functionality, just ask us to make a plugin.

Public API

This is more important for developers than it is for normal users. The new engine allows us to publish a Post Affiliate Pro API that can be used by external programs to communicate with the core affiliate system engine. The API can be used to manage and control every part of an affiliate program from an external system; you can even create your own client user interface (such as .NET) that will communicate directly with the affiliate server.

The API will be useful whenever you need to connect PAP4 with an external system, or when you want to perform an action such as creating affiliates, approving/declining/refunding commissions and more


More linking types

We have added support for more types of linking (links that look like other affiliate links) including SEO friendly links with no URL parameters.

DirectLink linking

DirectLink is a special feature that allows your affiliates to link directly to your website, without any additional parameters in the URL.
It is the most search engine friendly linking method possible and guarantees the best SEO results.

Affiliate link protection / cloaking

PAP has a built-in affiliate link protector/cloaker, so affiliates can protect their links from misuse.

Channels and SubId tracking

This feature allows affiliates to create advertising channels and track which channels bring the best results for each banner type.

For example, you can create channel for AdWords, and channels for normal websites. You will then be able to compare the results of the same text link placed on AdWords or on your page.

New banner types

The new version has native support for generating viral PDF e-Books, replicated sites, peel banners and others. Also, generating Flash banners is much easier than it was before. We will be adding other banner types in future releases.

VAT support

We’ve added VAT (Value Added Tax) support for merchants from the EU. This support can be activated in the application, and gives VAT capabilities to payments and invoices.

Themes (look & feel)

PAP4 supports themes, allowing you to choose between multiple themes for your merchants, affiliates and your signup panel. The themes are independent, so you can have one theme for signup and another for the merchant panel. All themes are based on customizable Smarty templates.

Various other features

Check our complete Features List to find more features that you can use to extend your PAP.