What's unique in Post Affiliate Pro

We'd like to save your time and help you decide which affiliate software is right for you and offers the best value.

We prepared a short list of features, which are unique in Post Affiliate Pro and is not offered by other affiliate software.

The aim of this page is not to tell you, that our software is the best, but to pick out some features, which we think are important in a successful affiliate program software, but are not offered by our competition. 

  • Tracking Speed - PAP can record more than 200 requests per second (impressions/sales/clicks/leads/actions) on an average 2 CPU server
  • Split Commissions - if the same sale is referred by more than one  affiliate, you can split commissions between all of them
  • Rebrand PDF - PAP can rebrand your PDF document for each of your affiliates on the fly. Just upload your PDF file and PAP will replace the variables with real values for each of your affiliates.
  • Unlimited Affiliate Tiers, Forced Matrix - PAP supports an unlimited number affiliate tiers. This offers great flexibility in your Multi Level Marketing. You can shape an affiliates tree with flexible Forced Matrix rules.
  • Geo IP - Translate the IPs of your visitors into their country code, define country based fraud protection rules and review the country based performance of your affiliate marketing
  • Unique User Interface - Multi Window Manager or Single window manager, Theme Manager, Multilingual interface (more than 15 languages)
  • Web site replication - Replicate a website for each of your affiliates. Dynamic CMS systems like a Wordpress blog or RSS product feeds are also supported