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Post Affiliate Pro is unique affiliate tracking software with hundreds of features. Below are highlights of the most important features. Click here to see a complete list of features.

Managing Affiliates

Affiliates Manager

Easily set up the affiliate’s signup form, or a mini signup site with more information about your program. After signing up, affiliates can gain access to their own control panel where they can get promo tools, banners, links, and view their statistics.

In the merchant control panel, you can review and approve/decline affiliates, monitor performance, and communicate with them.

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  • Unlimited Affiliates (max. 50 in Starter Edition)
  • Add/Edit/Delete Affiliates
  • Fully Configurable Affiliate Control Pane
  • Import/Export Affiliates in CSV File
  • Configurable Signup Form
  • Powerful Searching and Filtering
  • Signup Mini-Site (optional)
  • Unlimited Affiliate Tiers
  • Manual or Automatic New Affiliates Approval
  • Various Plugins to Extend Affiliate Functionality

Set Up Commissions and Promo Materials

Affiliates Manager

Post Affiliate Pro allows for flexible setup of commissions. An unlimited number of campaigns can be created, each with different commission settings and amounts. All commission structures are supported in Post Affiliate Pro, including per click, per sale, fixed amounts, amounts based on a percentage, multi-tier and recurring.

Promo materials include image banners, text links, Flash banners, and HTML banners. All of these can be defined and managed through the merchant control panel.

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  • Unlimited Campaigns and Commission Settings
  • Per Action, Per “Anything” commissions (Pro Edition)
  • Unlimited Banners and Promo Materials
  • Multi Tier Commissions - Unlimited Tiers
  • Commission Groups - Defining Different Commissions for Different Affiliates
  • Recurring Commissions (Pro Edition)
  • Public and Private Campaigns (Pro Edition)
  • Recurring Commissions Support - Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually, Annual Period (Pro Edition)
  • Create / Edit / Approve / Decline or Delete Affiliate Commissions
  • PayPal - Recurring Payments Support (Pro Edition)
  • Signup bonus, Per Referral Commissions (Pro Edition)
  • Detailed Information About Referral in Every racked Commission
  • Image Banners, Text Links, Flash Banners, HTML Banners, Viral PDFs, Promo Email
  • CPM Commissions (Pro Edition)
  • Affiliate Only Needs to Copy & Paste Banner Code
  • Per Click Commissions
  • Per Sale Commissions - Flat Rate or Percentage
  • Per Lead Commissions - Flat Rate or Percentage
  • Banner Rotators (Pro dition)
  • Customizable anner Formats
  • It's Possible to Hide Banners from Affiliates

Track Referrals and Sales in Real Time

Track referrals and sales in real time

Post Affiliate Pro provides advanced tracking that ensures maximum reliability. For every tracked commission detailed information appears, including first and last click that led to the commission, IP address, and the page from which the user came to your website, all in real time.

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  • Unique Tracking System Combining Normal Cookies, Flash Cookies and IP Address Ensures Reliability
  • Unlimited Impressions, Clicks, Commissions
  • Full History of All Transactions
  • Configurable Cookie Lifetime
  • Powerful Automatized Fraud Protection Module
  • Detailed Tracking Debugging - For Troubleshooting
  • Refund & Chargeback Management (Pro dition)
  • Track Multiple Commissions in One all
  • Support For Tracking in Multiple Currencies (Pro Edition)
  • Manual or Automatic Commissions Approval
  • Lifetime Commissions (plugin)
  • GeoIP Tracking (plugin)
  • Various Other Plugins to Extend Tracking

Search Engine Friendly Links

Affiliate links must be search engine friendly. In Post Affiliate Pro, they truly are. You can choose from different linking types and customize the link format exactly to your specifications.

Post Affiliate Pro’s unique DirectLink technology offers the best possible linking method - your affiliates link to your site without any additional parameters in the URL.

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  • Search Engine Friendly Links
  • Four Types of Links
  • Customizable Link Formats
  • Affiliate Link is Clearly Visible in Their Panel
  • DirectLink Linking - With No Parameters

DirectLink Technology

DirectLink is a unique feature of Post Affiliate Pro. With DirectLink, affiliate links don’t contain any additional parameters, only the address of your website. This is the most search engine friendly way of linking.

How does it work? Post Affiliate Pro recognizes which page the visitor came to your site from. If the visitor came from the affiliate’s site, the system recognizes that visitor as being referred by the affiliate.

DirectLink links offer many advantages, for you as the merchant if offers SE friendliness, and for your affiliates, the link cannot be damaged, and the fact it is an affiliate link is masked from the customer.

Commissions, Payments and Invoicing

Commissions payments & invoicing

Post Affiliate Pro automatically computes earned commissions and calculates the balance for each affiliate. You can select to pay commissions using ANY payment method, including PayPal.

The system stores a full history of payment information for review.

Invoices and VAT handling are also supported for EU merchants.

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  • Fully Customizable Payout Options Supports Any Existing Payment System
  • Preconfigured Options: PayPal, Moneybookers, Check, Wire transfer
  • History of All Payouts
  • It's Easy To Add a New Payment System
  • Export Data To CSV (Excel) Format
  • Support For Affiliate Invoices
  • Flexible VAT Support For Payouts, Configure VAT % and Computation

Keeping Track of Performance

Keep track of the performance

Post Affiliate Pro offers real-time reports of every aspect of the affiliate program, allowing you to see how well the affiliates are performing, daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

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  • Rich Set of Reports For Both Affiliate and Merchant
  • Quick Daily Report with Impressions, Clicks and Sales
  • Trends Report
  • Raw licks Report
  • Commissions Report
  • Subaffiliate Sale Statistics Report
  • Banner Impressions, Clicks and CTR Ratios
  • Top Affiliates Graph Report (plugin)
  • Top Campaigns Graph Report (plugin)
  • Top Referring URLs Graph rReport (plugin)
  • Non Performing Affiliates Report (plugin)
  • Affiliate Summaries (plugin)

Reward The Top Affiliates

With the Commission Groups feature you can give higher commissions to your top affiliates. You can create different groups of affiliates, with different commissions for the same product(s.)

The Performance Rewards feature allows you to create different groups and payout the determined commission automatically.

Communication With Affiliates

Communication with partners

Communicate with your affiliates and allow them to communicate with you. With Post Affiliate Pro you can send mass emails to your affiliates to give them information or updates about your site and the affiliate program.

Affiliates can also conveniently contact you using a web form, or any contact method you specify.

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  • Mass emails to affiliates
  • Full history of all email communication
  • Customizable email templates
  • Extensive automatic email notifications
  • You can define which notifications will be sent
  • For merchant: after sale, after affiliate signup, affiliate contact, etc.
  • For affiliate: before approval, after approval, after sale, after payout, after subaffiliate signup, after subaffiliate sale, etc.
  • Followup emails - newsletter functionality (planned plugin)

Customizable Interface

Customizable interface

The Affiliate control panel interface is fully customizable. You control virtually everything, from logo, to menu, control panel contents, and the design. It is also possible to write your own pages that will be a part of your affiliate panel.

The design can be quickly and easily changed by selecting a predesigned theme.



The new version has a revolutionary new user interface. Post Affiliate Pro’s 'Blue Aero' theme looks and behaves like a desktop application, with a start button, menu, sidebar, gadgets, and quick launch. Additionally, there are many other themes to choose from.

Endlessly Extendable

Support for plugins makes Post Affiliate Pro extremely expandable. If you find that you are missing some functionality, you can add it by installing a plugin from our growing plugins database.

In this way you can add new methods of tracking, including lifetime commissions, path to the sale, GeoIP tracking, site heat map,) new banner types, and commission settings (subsequent sales commissions.) We are continually developing new plug-ins and which are designed on request. If you are missing some functionality, contact us and we may be able to help.