Screenshots - Post Affiliate Pro

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Installation and Upgrade Wizard

Our Easy Installation and Upgrade Wizard will lead your through the entire process of settings of your new affiliate software.

Easy Upgrade and Installation Wizard

Merchant - Getting Started

Through the basic setup and configuration we will lead you through the Getting Started checklist. Sale and Click integration wizard and Troubleshooting wizard will help you to integrate your affiliate program with third party applications and payment processors.

Easy Integration with 3rd Party softwares

Merchant - Affiliate Management

Our Affiliate management is intuitive and easy. The Web 2.0 user interface allows you to customize the data displayed in grids and view detailed information about each of your affiliates quickly without clicking through multiple forms and pages.

Affiliate management is very intuitive and easy

Merchant - Campaign management

With Post Affiliate Pro you can manage and monitor an unlimited number of campaigns in your affiliate program. You will always have data detailing your campaign’s performance, and your marketing decisions will be driven by accuracy statistics.

Campaign management was never easier

Merchant - Banner Manager

Post Affiliate Pro supports a wide range of banner types. You can support your affiliates with banners such as: Simple Image, Flash banners, simple text links, HTML banners, banner rotators, rebranded PDF files, Simple PDFs, replicated websites, email templates, peel banners, coupons, and more.

Banner management

Merchant - Reports

Post Affiliate Pro will help you perform exact decisions in your marketing strategy. Every click, impression or sale is carefully analyzed and data is available in more than 10 different reports.

Detailed reporting about performance of affiliate program

Affiliate - Affiliate Panel

The Affiliate panel is easy to understand, flexible and customizable. Merchant can define multiple themes for their affiliates, and the affiliate can use various marketing materials for their web site by simply copying and pasting prepared HTML code.

Affiliate Panel

Affiliate - Signup

The Affiliate signup form is part of the mini-site, which you can customize to compliment your corporate design. All fields in the signup form can be customized by each merchant.

Affiliate mini-site