Sales FAQ for hosted plans

Why is hosted Post Affiliate Pro the best choice ?

  • Installation is automized, get started in 30 seconds
  • Free setup by our team is included with all plans
  • You can start your own affiliate program in minutes
  • All your data is secure
  • Reliable tracking backed by multiple tracking methods
  • Real time reporting
  • No server/webspace required
  • Support and lifetime upgrades
  • Unique features and user interface
  • Periodical upgrades and backups by our support crew

Can I choose a different domain name for my hosted account ?

Yes, we can host your domain name in any format on our server.
By default we generate accounts with the domain name <yourdomain>, but we are able to host different domains on your hosted account as well. If you want to access your hosted account under your own domain name, please contact our support team.

Can I use it for Adult websites?

Yes, Adult websites are welcome, as long as they provide 100% legal content (worldwide). In case any official authority will report your website as illegal, we will stop your hosted account. Before we will do so, we will try to get in contact with you to confirm situation reported by authority.

Can I get a refund of my order?

Currently, we offer refunds for self-hosted licenses only. For accounts hosted in our cloud, we offer a 14 risk free trial. If you request a refund for your purchase of self-hosted license, our support team will issue a refund without further questions. Refund requests received more than 30 days after first purchase will be declined.

Where are the servers located and where are the installed hosted accounts ?

All of our servers are located in the United States and UK and hosted by Linode data centers.

Is my data private?

Yes, your data is stored in a separate database that is not accessible to anyone else.
Only you have access to your data. Each merchant has a physically separated database and files from other merchants.

What type of tracking technology does Post Affiliate Pro use? How does it work?

Post Affiliate Pro combines a few methods to ensure maximum tracking. The primary method is "flash cookie and browser cookie" based tracking systems. Cookies are small pieces of text data that are saved on a visitor's computer. When a visitor clicks on a banner or link, the information containing affiliate info and banner info is saved into the cookie. Later, when customer makes a purchase, the cookie is checked and if it contains the affiliate (who referred the customer), the system generates the appropriate commission for this affiliate.
Another method that is used if cookies fail is tracking the IP address of the visitor.
Post Affiliate Pro uses a unique method of cookie tracking — combining 1st and 3rd party cookies to increase the reliability of tracking to the highest level possible.
As far as we know, we are the only company in the world offering this.

Can I use the Site Replication feature on a hosted account ?

Yes, you can use Site Replication feature on our hosted accounts. The only problem is that you cannot upload files for the replication directly; you have to use an external URL for replication.

Sales FAQ for downloadable licenses

License explained

One license allows you to have one installation of Post Affiliate Pro - affiliate program. This single installation of the affiliate program can track unlimited products/websites that share the same affiliate program.

How is your customer service?

We have a dedicated support staff available for phone calls, email or live chat 24 hours a day during business days. We respond ASAP and usually solve support requests within the same day.

Will it be installed on my server?

Yes, the software will be installed on your own server with your own database. No data or statistics are kept on our servers, your affiliate program does not send any data to us.
In case you will order a hosted account, the software is installed on our servers located in the United States and UK (hosted by Linode). In case of hosted accounts, we do periodical updates and bug fixes for you for free.

How will I be billed?

Your credit card will be billed only once at the time of purchase.
There are no contracts or hidden fees. For upgrades to higher edition or cancellations, just contact our support. There are no restrictions, no questions asked.

What is the Upgrade Policy?

You can always upgrade to a higher edition (for example from Xpress to Pro). The upgrade cost is the price difference between the two editions at the time of purchase. 

How can we order additional features to Xpress or Professional edition?

Every feature listed in the table above can be ordered directly later from the merchant panel in your installation of PAP. Before you can order those extra features, you will need to order the basic license (Xpress or Professional), install PAP and in the merchant panel click on menu Features, where you can buy the extra features you need. Features included in the basic price of the license don't need to be ordered again.

Can I get a refund of my order?

Yes, you can ask for a refund within 30 days after you placed your order. Just send an email to with your order number. Our support will make a refund without further questions. Refund requests received more than 30 days after purchase will be declined.