PAP Alert - get notified about your commissions and signups

Pap Alert

PAP Alert is an add-on for Post Affiliate Pro - a Windows systray application notifies you about new commissions, affiliate signups and news generated by your affiliate program. 

It is useful for both merchants and affiliates, displaying new commissions with all the details, and allowing you to log in to your affiliate control panel with one click. 

  • Cost: $49 - for one PAP installation and unlimited number of affiliates
  • System Requirements: Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista
  • Other Requirements: PAP installation to connect to


PAP Alert is an add-on to the Post Affiliate Pro system that works for both merchants and affiliates. Information and notifications displayed will depend on the type of user (affiliate or merchant). One installation of PAP Alert can connect to multiple installations of PAP, even as different types of users.

Pap Alert - screenshot

Notification popup window:
Whenever a new event occurs (new commission, affiliate signup or news) in your affiliate system, you will be immediately notified via a popup window. Your popup will contain a short summary of the event details, and you can view text notification in full by clicking on Details.

Log me into my panel link:
One mouse click opens the browser window and logs you into your affiliate control panel.

Full history of notifications with filtering:
You can always check the notifications received in the Notifications report and easily filter them by date and connection.

Notifications data:
Each notification contains all of the necessary data details, including order IDs, affiliate names and URLs, commissions, transaction or signup approval status and others.

Today's actual stats:
Displays affiliate statistics from today, including impressions, clicks, sales and total affiliates. Stats are updated with every connection to the server.

Using its flexible plug-in system, you can connect to multiple affiliate systems (all must be run using Post Affiliate Pro). More plug-ins are going to be developed.

Types of notifications

<b>New commission alert</b> for merchant or affiliate
<b>New affiliate signup alert</b> for merchant only
<b>News alert</b> for affiliate only

Other features

  • Instant notifications - affiliates and merchants receive instant notifications when new commission (or signup) is generated in your affiliate program
  • Security - in order to keep your information secure, PAP Alert uses a 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt an entire database of downloaded data, including your passwords, etc..
  • Eases your work load and increases your productivity
  • No setup fees and no monthly payments


PAP Alert license is related to the Post Affiliate Pro installation. You need one PAP Alert license for every Post Affiliate Pro installation.

If you are a merchant, one license allows you to use PAP Alert for yourself AND provide it to ALL your affiliates.

If you are an affiliate, contact your merchant and ask him to give you a PAP Alert installation file.