Most important features of Blue Aero theme:

  • Desktop like application view - in same time you can have open multiple windows in one browser
  • Task bar - contains list of all opened windows, user can switch between windows or close them directly from task bar
  • Side bar - you can place multiple widgets into side bar. It can be displayed over or under windows or it can be collapsed or expanded.
  • Quick Start bar - you can drag and drop into Quick Start bar different contents and later open them with simple click without searching through menu
  • Widgets - Post Affiliate Pro can place on your desktop or Side bar multiple widgets. Supported are native widgets of Post Affiliate Pro (e.g. quick statistics, search, etc…) and widgets offer by Google Desktop or Netvibes communities.



Blue Aero Theme Tour

Next to standard themes, you can switch Post Affiliate Pro user interface (affiliate panel or merchant panel) into Blue Aero Theme.
It offers unique features, which are not possible to use in standard themes.
This video will show you some of the features of this theme.

I’m sure, you will love it.