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Affiliate Control Panel Tour

Video will help your affiliates better understand the Affiliate panel and quickly start promoting your program. Also newbies in affiliate marketing will see, that to become affiliate and start promoting your products with Post Affiliate Pro is easy without any complications or long learning curve.

Custom Affiliate Control Panel tour

You’re probably customized your Affiliate Control Panel, and your affiliate program is different than what is shown in the above generic tutorial. To truly provide your affiliates with a helpful training experience, it would be best to have a tutorial that shows your program on your domain. Chuck Lasker of TutorialsUnlimited.com created our tutorials and will create a custom tutorial for your customized Affiliate Control Panel for only $199. This includes:

 1. Tutorial created using YOUR domain, so it shows your commitment to training your affiliates.

 2. Tutorial created In YOUR Affiliate Control Panel, so it provides exact information on how to use it based on YOUR customizations.

 3. Tutorial will discuss YOUR affiliate program details, like pay per click, pay per sale, multi-tier, whatever, so the tutorial would be specific to YOUR program.

 4. You can even use the tutorial as a way to market your affiliate program by showing potential affiliates how their control panel will work before they join! Once your tutorial is delivered, in Flash format to be placed anywhere you want in your site, it’s yours to do with as you wish.

 5. Delivered with video instructions for how to replace the generic tutorial with your tutorial in your Affiliate Control Panel.

 6. The first 25 merchants to order custom tutorials receive $50 off, so the price is only $149 for a limited time!

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