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Introductional videos

We would like to explain most of features and advantages of Post Affiliate Pro in many short videos. On this page we will add periodically new and new videos for you. All materials are prepared in cooperation with Chuck Lasker from Tutorials Unlimited.

Please sit back, watch and enjoy …

Merchant Control Panel Tour

In this video I explain and click through basic forms of merchant control panel. I will show you how to navigate through main sections of application. In same time you can see in action how responsive is merchant application based on new Web 2.0 user interface.

Affiliate Control Panel Tour

Video will help your affiliates better understand the Affiliate panel and quickly start promoting your program. Also newbies in affiliate marketing will see, that to become affiliate and start promoting your products with Post Affiliate Pro is easy without any complications or long learning curve.

Blue Aero Theme Tour

Take a look at unique features of Blue Aero theme, which allows desktop like management of multiple windows opened in same time.

Installation and Configuration steps

Videos below will show you steps you will need to do during installation of Post Affiliate Pro.

Copy Post Affiliate Pro to server

Video will show you how to start with installation of Post Affiliate Pro 4. It describes how to copy files to your server using FTP client.

Installation Wizard

Watch how easy is to install Post Affiliate Pro using our user friendly Installation Wizard

First steps after initial installation

After you finished Install Wizard, you should do few things, before you will go online with your affiliate program. This video will try to explain what you should review right after installation in your installation of Post Affiliate Pro.

Initial configuration basics

Video will lead you through initial configuration settings of your affiliate program running on Post Affiliate Pro.

Tracking settings

One of the key features of Post Affiliate Pro is the ability to do a special kind of tracking. In this video I'll show you how to choose the right affiliate linking method.

Customizing Email Templates

Watch how easy is to customize email templates used in communication with your customers. With Post Affiliate Pro you can fully customize design of your email templates. Inside mails you can send to your affiliates even images or attachments.

Post Affiliate Pro in practice

Following videos will show you how to work if basic functions of Post Affiliate Pro like to define basic campaign pay or edit affiliates.

Overview of Plugins and Features

Post Affiliate Pro can be extended with virtually unlimited number of features through a powerful plugin system. This video will show you how you can activate features or plugins in your account.

Adding and Changing Campaigns

Post Affiliate Pro allows you to track multiple campaigns with different settings in your affiliate program. This video will show you some basics about creating and editing campaigns.

Viewing and Editing Affiliate Data

In this short video you can review how to watch statistic data of specific affiliate, how to edit affiliate data or how to view tree of your affiliates.

Adding Banners and Links

Post Affiliate Pro offers multiple creative types like image banners, flash banners, simple PDF files, rebranded PDF files, HTML banners and many many other types. Video shows you how to add or edit banners.

Paying Affiliates

Post Affiliate Pro offers multiple ways how you can pay your affiliates. Time consuming actions like paying of affiliates is are optimized and you can create custom export format for each payout method offered to your affiliates. Standard payout methods like Paypal have already predefined export formats, which you can directly import into Paypal mass payments.

Direct Link URLs

Direct link Urls is unique tracking method offered only with Post Affiliate Pro. It is most SEO friendly tracking method, because in affiliate links doesn't need to be any identifier of affiliate, banner or campaign and affiliate is still correctly assigned to your sale.

Viewing Affiliate Activity and Managing Commissions

Video will show you how to watch affiliate activity and manage commissions structure payed to your affiliates.

Basic Customizations

Post Affiliate Pro can be customized to fit look and feel of your corporate web site. Every design element in Post Affiliate Pro can be customized in templates or stelesheet. Following section of video tutorials will show you how you can customize some basic things from your merchant panel.

Customizing the Affiliate Control Panel

Post Affiliate Pro offers to customize design of Affiliate panel to fit your corporate web site design. You can create own theme and change style sheets or templates to customize design of all parts of Post Affiliate Pro installation. Some basic customizations like change of logo and title of application can be done directly from merchant panel in configuration section.

Customizing the Affiliate Signup Form

Signup form of Post Affiliate Pro can be customized to fit design standards of your corporate web site. You can even use custom HTML sign up form, which will just submit data to Post Affiliate Pro from any external web application.

Formatting Banners & Links

Post Affiliate Pro is flexible new generation software, which offers you to customize even format of banners and links displayed to your affiliates. Video will show you how to simply change format of links and banners displayed to users or your affiliates.

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