Yahoo Stores

An ecommerce platform.

Integration with Yahoo Stores is made by placing sale tracking script into the order confirmation page.



Login to your Yahoo Store Manager and click Store Manager > Order Settings > Checkout Manager > Page Configuration > Order Confirmation (tab)



Find the text area labeled: Page message, place the following code into the box and click save.

<script> <!--
  function getSaleInfo(){
    var totalCost = orderTotal;
    var orderId = orderNum;
    var productId = items;

    document.getElementById('st_code').innerHTML='<img src="https://URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/scripts/sale.php?TotalCost=' + totalCost + '&OrderID=' + orderId + '&ProductID=' + productId + '" alt="" width=1 height=1>';
  window.onload = getSaleInfo;
  // -->
  <div id="st_code"></div>

This is all that is required. Now whenever there's sale, Yahoo Stores will call our sale tracking script, and system will generate commissionfor the affiliate.