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To connect your Post Affiliate Pro account with your Magento platform we have our own integration plugin that needs to be installed and configured in your Magento platform. Our plugin is free, however due to the ways magento marketplace currently works, you will need to add the plugin to cart and then go through checkout process. After the checkout you will get the necessary access keys to install the plugin in your Magento admin panel through Magento Connect Manager. In case you will have any problems with the plugin installation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For older Magento versions 1.x you can get the plugin HERE

For Magento version 2.x you need to check Magento 2 integration guide HERE


Plugin Configuration

After you install the plugin you need to configure it. Go to System->Configuration->Post Affiliate Pro(Sales section in the left side menu). You will see 3 sections here.

1. API Connection

  • Application URL - is the URL of your Post Affiliate Pro account. For example if your account URL is you will only input in this field.
  • API Username - is your current username/email that you use to log in to your Post Affiliate Pro account.
  • API Password - is your current password that you use to log in to your Post Affiliate Pro account.
  • Account ID - this field is only used in the Network version of our software to define the merchant ID. If you do not have Post Affiliate Network leave it empty.

2. Tracking

  • Tracking method - Two options are available here. By default leave the method as JavaScript tracking. Change it to API method only if there will be some specific problems with your magento integration. Feel free to consult with our support team first.
  • Track clicks - By default you should set it to Yes. It should not be set to No unless it's required specifically by your integration.
  • Track into campaign - Leave empty unless you want to force all sales made in your Magento to be always tracked under specific campaign in your Post Affiliate Pro. In that case the Campaign ID goes here.
  • Per Product Commissions - When set to Yes, each product in an order will generate a separate commission. Use it if you will offer different commission rates for specific products. When set to No, each order will generate just one commission, even if there are multiple products purchased in it.
  • Coupon tracking - Set to Yes if you are using Coupons feature in your Post Affiliate Pro account to track referrals based on used coupon. Otherwise leave it as No.
  • Update commission status - Set to Yes if you want to automatically update status of the commission based on the actual status of the order in your Magento. For example if order is declined in your Magento, the commission for it will be automaitcally set as declined as well.
  • Custom Data 1-5 - These custom data fields can be used to pass custom order or customer info from your Magento to your Post Affiliate Pro account. Commonly used for our lifetime commissions plugin.

3. Affiliate Creation

  • Create affiliate - Set this to Yes, if you want to automatically create affiliate account for every customer making and order in your Magento store.


Most Common problems with the plugin

Check if your Post Affiliate Pro account URL is available via HTTPS:// protocol. This is a requirement!

1. I can't access plugin configuration page after installing it

  • The most common reason is Magento cache. Try clearing it and then logout and log back in to your Magento admin panel. For example if you are getting error 404 - Page not found logout and login should fix it.
  • In case you are getting error message like **_Mage registry key _singleton/pap/observer already exists_** or similar "registry key already exists" error after installing the Magento connector plugin, there are few steps which might fix this:
    • login to your FTP and remove content of var/cache/ and var/session/
    • if the above did not help, edit file includes/config.php and if there is a line starting with define change it to #define.
    • now logout, remove the cache and sessions again and then login again

2. Plugin is configured but it's not tracking any sales

  • Double-check if Application URL, API username and API Password are set correctly on your magento plugin configuration page.
  • Check if PapApi.class.php file in your Magento installation(Magento lib/PAP directory) is the same version as your Post Affiliate Pro account. You can download the most recent PapApi.class.php file from your Post Affiliate Pro merchant panel(Tools->Integration->API integration->Download API file).
  • Navigate in your Magento admin panel to System->Configuration->Advanced in the Advanced section in the left menu. Find Mage_Pap and make sure it is Enabled.
  • Refresh you Magento Cache.

3. Custom themes and other modules interaction

  • HTML compression - this module is known for interaction with tracking codes. Please disable it, so the PAP integration plugin can work.
  • In case of custom Magento themes, the most common problem is that there are missing block calls. You have to check in your theme layout files and theme template files if there are before_body_end blocks in:
    and in:
    If you cannot find there there please check app/design/frontend/default/ directory to find the default file and see how the before_body_end block looks like in there.

If there is a problem and you cannot see any error report, you can also check errors in your Magento installation files in var/report/
In case these steps did not help you either, please do not hesitate to contact our support team!