Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) enables you to automatically process installment-based credit card or eCheck. The Server Integration Method (SIM) is a hosted payment processing solution.

This plugin integrates using Silent order post callback. It is suitable if you are using SIM integration method of


Activate and configure plugin

First you must activate plugin from plugins list in PAP. When activated, click Configure button in plugin item. Here you can configure name of custom item used to transfer tracking information to PAP. This name is set to "custom" by default. If you are using field with this name, please specify another one. For example "custom_pap" or so.


Configure Silent order post

Login to your account. Now go menu> account> settings>Silent post URL. Here you have to specify the path to the plugin in your installation of Post Affiliate Pro. Use this URL please:


When you are done, click the Submit button.


Edit all your SIM forms

Now you must add to all your SIM forms one custom field like this:

<form action="authorizenet.php" method=post>
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_login' value='myLogin' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_amount' value='548' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_description' value='desc of my product' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_invoice_num' value='ic132458' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_fp_sequence' value='xyz' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_fp_timestamp' value='def' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_fp_hash' value='abc' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_show_form' value='PAYMENT_FORM' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' id='pap_dx8vc2s5' name='custom' value='' />

Note: name='custom' - custom means name you have specified in plugin configuration in step 1.

After that you have to add this code to your page (only once per page):

<script id="pap_x2s6df8d" src="https://URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/scripts/notifysale.php" type="text/javascript">

Integration is now complete.