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Some of the features and advantages you won't find in free affiliate tracking software

  • Increase in sales by 27%
  • Improves SEO rankings
  • Easy, fast & free setup
  • Free 24/7 customer support
  • 100% stability and tracking
  • Cloud based with free lifetime updates
  • Low monthly fee
  • Infinitely expandable and scalable
  • Unique tracking features
  • 170+ ready made integrations
  • Since 2005 on the market

OVER 30.000 affiliate programs are not powered by free affiliate tracking software, they run on Post Affiliate Pro

“It changed my business and I am glad we went with them!”

I love that it tracks everything and does all the calculating work for me. I used to do this work manually and I tell you - NEVER ATTEMPT IT MANUALLY! Using PAP affiliate tracking software has given me my life back because I no longer have to spend my whole day sending emails to new reps and calculating commissions. Zelda shared on

“Excellent software and exceptional customer service”

I have been using this software for nearly 5 years. It is reliable, affordable, and full featured. The support is exceptional and I would highly recommend to other internet entrepreneurs looking for a self-managed not free affiliate tracking software solution. Brian shared on

“Post Affiliate Pro Is The Best Choice”

I looked around at all the other options out there and PAP fit my needs best because they had the most features and was at a price point that made sense to me.

… by Paul shared on

“Easily grow with Post Affiliate Pro”

We have a digital product and when it came time to grow, we chose Post Affiliate Pro. After trying free affiliate tracking software there was no comparison to the flexibility PAP offers. It is not a MLM manager, but it could easily be. It helps you easily design a marketing program without hassle. Warren shared on

“Great experience with the great affiliate platform”

What love the most that the affiliate platform is so customizable but most of the settings already predefined, email templates are ready, all you need to add your campaigns description and start running your affiliates, really easy and user-friendly. Marina shared on

Get Started with Post Affiliate Pro in 30 seconds

As you could already found out, when using free affiliate tracking software, it's often a hassle to start using it. Many problems with installation, configuration and incorrect tracking might occur.

It's a different story when starting out with Post Affiliate Pro, it's installed in 30 seconds in our cloud, so no server is required. Post Affiliate Pro provides multiple tracking methods so you can be sure every click and lead is captured correctly.

We Help Companies Get More Sales By Creating Their Own Affiliate Programs

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Free Setup & Website Integration

The initial affiliate software setup can be tough. Do not waste time with free affiliate tracking software that are many times hard or even impossible to configure and customize.

At Post Affiliate Pro we offer a completely free setup by our expertise team. Choose any plan and get in touch with us, we are ready to do the job for you!

In case you need help, we have you covered 24/7

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