Post Affiliate Pro Mobile

Stay in touch with your affiliate program at any time.
Install our free Android and iOS application with push notifications
for merchants and affiliates.

Traffic overview

Control traffic in your affiliate program in real-time. As an affiliate, you can see traffic generated by your affiliate links. Merchants can see the overall traffic coming into the affiliate program.

Affiliates Management

Get notifications about your new affiliates and check their status. Approve or decline affiliates on the go.

Direct links Management

Have control over your direct links wherever you are. See, which affiliates create direct links and manage them with one click.


Get a detailed list of transactions generated in your affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will only see commissions generated for your affiliate account. As a merchant, you will get a complete list of all transactions in an affiliate program.

Simple Settings

Simply enter the URL of your affiliate program, your  username and password. The application will automatically identify your role and give you correct data. You can also set up types of notifications you want to receive.