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Use attributes in format region_from and region_to= to change the languages showing in language switcher.
Available regions are:
europe_from europe_to
asia_from asia_to
mideast_from mideast_to
america_from america_to

europe_from=0 europe_to=22 will put all languages (ordered in language switcher settings) from 1 to 21 to Europe region:
asia_from=22 asia_to=25 will put all languages from 23 to 24 (so only 2) into Asia region.

Affiliate Marketing

How To Start Your Affiliate Marketing

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on September 24, 2014 at 9:41 am

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn commission by selling other brand products. It is not so much time consuming and doesn’t take a lot of money to start. You just need to make your blog and website famous around the world or in your country and increase the visitor traffic to your website. So that when you put the affiliate ads on your website then people click on that ads and take interest to purchase that product. Until, they will not see the ads you will not be able to earn commission.

Through this article, you’ll come to know about the process of starting the affiliate marketing easily. Here are the few steps that you should follow in order to start the affiliate marketing

Understand The Concept Of The Affiliate Marketing

Before starting you must understand the concept of the affiliate marketing and effective ways through which you can boost the sale. After you sign up for an affiliate program,  you get an affiliate link with a unique ID. You can place this affiliate link on your blog/website and when a visitor of your website buys an item through this affiliate link, you earn affiliate commission.

Strategy And Planning For Starting

You need proper strategy and planning for starting the affiliate marketing.  In the first step, make your website and blog convenient and do the search engine optimization of your website so that it become famous and attract more visitors. You should select the niche of your website, because when you will send an affiliate request to different brands then they will only approve those applications that keep the same niche of a website. For example, If you have a sport shirt website and blog then only sport shirt affiliate brand will approve your request.

Research Affiliate Program

After making the website and complete all the process for making it successful, then register your website on affiliate marketplaces, you can also become the affiliate of the individual website. Different famous brands provide the affiliate program for interested people. Amazon, Ebay, and many different market places offer the affiliate programs you can join. Thus, register yourself for becoming the affiliate.

Find out which products are best-selling and which of them match with your website. Notice the commision, how much money you can get from the sale of a certain product. Make your decision (to whom you send an affiliate request) on the basis of these tips.

The Most Famous Affiliate Programs:

To see more affiliate programs open our ultimate affiliate list. Once those websites approve your registration you are able to place their ad link or banner on your website. Now if anyone purchases their product by clicking on your affiliate link, then you will get the certain commission.

Monitor Your Sales

Do not forget to monitor your sales. When you know how and where you made the commison(which campaign/web page) you can better grow and scale campaigns and optimize your articles. Affiliate marketing is the simple way to earn some extra money, it‘s also valuable and effective for merchants to increase their sales.

Best of luck!

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

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