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Best high-paying affiliate programs of digital products

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize a blog, Instagram account, or YouTube channel. And because of that, it’s not a secret that the best and most efficient affiliates join programs that offer the highest commission fees.

So it’s worthwhile to know how high commission fees must be to be considered attractive and whether you can offer your affiliates similar terms.

We carried out pretty extensive research to find ten high-paying affiliate programs that may help you position your affiliate program.

E-commerce affiliate programs

BigCommerce affiliate program

Best high-paying affiliate programs of digital products

Commission: 200% of the customer’s first monthly payment or up to $1,500 for business client
Cookie duration: 90 days

Founded in 2009, BigCommerce is an online store builder that empowers thousands of e-commerce stores in more than 150 countries. It serves a wide variety of industries including fashion, automotive, manufacturing, food, and healthcare.

When affiliates refer clients to BigCommerce, they can earn 200% of a customer’s first monthly payment (that’s up to $550 per referral!) or $1,500 per business customer.

Bluehost affiliate program

Best high-paying affiliate programs of digital products

Commission: $65 per sale
Cookie duration: 45 days

Bluehost is a web hosting platform that supports over 2 million websites. In addition, this company runs an affiliate program that may be interesting to any business or entrepreneur looking to monetize their blog or website. If an affiliate promotes Bluehost’s products or services on their blog or website (either through banners or custom links), they can earn $65 for every sale generated from the website, which is an incredibly high rate.

Best of all, it’s free to join their affiliate program, and Bluehost offers reliable tracking to ensure affiliates get credit for every lead they generate.

Affiliate programs for publishers specializing in e-learning and online courses

Udemy affiliate program

Best high-paying affiliate programs of digital products

Commission: 15% for each user
Cookie duration: 7 days

Udemy is probably one of the most well-known online learning platforms. It offers more than 100,000 courses created by 7,000 experts. So Udemy users can be sure that they will find a teacher who meets their needs.

Udemy courses cover any topic that you can think of, and the company offers lifetime access to all of its users. All of this makes it relatively easy for affiliates to promote the platform.

Coursera affiliate program

Best high-paying affiliate programs of digital products

Commission: 20-45%
Cookie duration: 30 days

Coursera offers more than 4,000 courses on various topics like personal development, digital marketing, and data analytics. The courses are quite complex since they include pre-recorded videos, exercises, and homework, and each period ends with a test. Course prices vary from $29 to $99.

Affiliates can earn between 20% and 45% plus bonuses for their performance. In addition, they are provided with various promotional materials like banners, monthly bulletins, and videos.

Best affiliate programs for businesses

SEMrush affiliate program

Best high-paying affiliate programs of digital products

Commission: 40% recurring
Cookie duration: 10 years (!)

SEMrush is a SaaS company specializing in SEO tools and solutions enabling digital businesses to analyze their competitors. SEMrush’s affiliate program offers a recurring commission fee of 40% throughout the whole duration of a subscription purchased by an affiliate. This can translate into up to $160 per month.

What’s worth noting is that the program offers a pretty generous cookie duration time of up to 10 years. The second thing worth your attention is that this program works according to the first cookie attribution model. This means that if a referee cancels their subscription and then subscribes again, the referring affiliate will start earning commission again. It’s a great affiliate program for marketing and SEO agencies.

SEMrush offers extensive promotional resources in five languages. As the process of onboarding new affiliates is automated, it only takes minutes for them to be able to start promoting the solution using affiliate links.

GetResponse affiliate program

Best high-paying affiliate programs of digital products

Commission: 33% recurring
Cookie duration: 120 days

GetResponse is a complex marketing software solution offering email marketing, a landing page and form creator, CRM, webinars, and other marketing automation tools.

Its affiliate marketing program offers a recurring commission fee of 33%, and with plans worth between $15 and $1,200, affiliates working with GetResponse can earn a few hundred dollars every month. Like the one run by SEMrush, this affiliate program is a good choice for marketing agencies or freelance experts supporting their clients with marketing operations.

Unbounce affiliate program

Best high-paying affiliate programs of digital products

Commission: 20% for each client, recurring
Cookie duration: 90 days

Unbounce is one of the most popular custom landing page creators. It helps its users create highly converting landing pages, no matter what services they offer – be it an ecommerce business, marketing agency, or SaaS solution. Unbounce offers 20% commission to its affiliates for each client they refer.

What’s more, visitors of the Unbounce website or those following the company’s social media get a 20% discount off their first three months of use, making it easier for affiliates to market this solution. Additionally, Unbounce takes excellent care of all of its affiliates, providing them with a personalized dashboard that enables them to track their progress and find branded promotional materials.

Fiverr affiliate program

Best high-paying affiliate programs of digital products

Commission: Up to $1,000 for a single conversion
Cookie duration: 30 days

Products offered by Fiverr can be promoted on blogs or websites of a different type. Fiverr’s affiliate program includes their flagship solution called Fiverr, which offers a range of digital services focused on marketing. The second product affiliates can promote is called Fiverr Pro, which connects brands with various professionals. The third one is called Fiverr learn, which offers courses for individuals and companies looking for advanced classes, mostly in marketing.

If affiliates work for clients who are looking for freelancers specializing in marketing, design, or software development, they can offer them Fiverr Pro. If affiliates run blogs for solopreneurs or owners of small and medium businesses, they may consider promoting Fiverr Learn. It’s a tool with over 5.5 million users that affiliates won’t be ashamed to promote.

Fiverr affiliates have a dedicated dashboard to manage and monitor their campaigns. They are provided with a handful of creatives they can use to promote Fiverr’s solutions.


As you can see, companies selling digital products offer different commission rates for their affiliates. What they all have in common is the fact that the commission fees they offer are really high, with prices of up to $1,200 and commission rates around 30-40% per client.

What’s more, the quality of products or services they sell is undeniable, making it easier for affiliates to attract potential customers. Finally, and most importantly, each of these companies empowers their affiliates with user-friendly dashboards to help them monitor campaigns and provides high-quality branded materials like banners, videos, or graphics. All of this makes each of these affiliate programs really lucrative for affiliates.

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