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When your affiliates promote your site, your traffic will increase and more visitors interested in your products will click through to your website. Increased traffic from multiple sources generates higher SEO. Higher SEO equates to increased sales opportunities.
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Post Affiliate Pro 4 is our new generation affiliate software. Post Affiliate Pro 4 is built on a new engine, and sets the benchmark for affiliate software. It offers high scope tracking reliability, endless extendibility with plug-ins and search engine friendly linking.
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Post Affiliate Pro is the most flexible system on the market with elaborate customization features including design, commission structures, configurable payouts, an affiliate dashboard and more.
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Post Affiliate Pro will run on any web hosting solution that supports PHP 5 and MySQL, and has support for SSL as well. 
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We would like to explain most of the features and advantages of Post Affiliate Pro in several short videos. On this page we will periodically add new videos for you to view, which are prepared in cooperation with Chuck Lasker of Tutorials Unlimited.
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Post Affiliate Pro can be virtually integrated into any HTML based web application. Post Affiliate Pro integrates with MOST merchant accounts, payment gateways, shopping carts, and membership systems. A complete list of all integration methods can be found directly in the merchant panel in your installation or on our Addons web page.
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If you need additional functions, they can be added using plug-ins.  Add new and creative methods of tracking, including lifetime commissions, geoIP tracking, split commissions, new banner types, commission settings, subsequent sales commissions and countless other options.
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Are you an affiliate marketingnewbie? Visit our totally free affiliate marketing resource center and find the answers to any questions that you may have!
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We've switched from another affiliate software to PAP. Post Affiliate Pro is a much more advanced tool and it offers a lot more features than our previous tool. We're very happy with our decision to switch to PAP.

The customer support of Quality Unit is by far the best support that I have received so far. I highly recommend PAP to anyone who wants a reliable affiliate software and exceptional customer service!

Johannes Selbach, CEO, SEOprofiler.com

WOW! Your affiliate system comes at an amazing value. So many cool features and I was up and running in no time. The support was fantastic. You did more than you said you would and for that, thanks!

David Adler, BSB Marketing LTD
Tel Aviv, Israel

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quick and fixed the prob, cheers
Very helpful and examples were acurate.
Extremely helpful. Excellent customer service
all clear & short
you are so kind and patient !!!
Michal was very patient and helpful. He helped me find a solution to my problem very quickly and I appreciate his help.
I appreciate the quick responses and help in determining the solution that would fit our needs.
cool man!
Cool guy
Martin was very efficient in providing solution and examples to follow.
thank you Martin!
Quick response. Thank you
thank you
Well, if I use my current licence ID for the test installation, I see the following message: "You have moved your installation to different url." What am I doing wrong?
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